22 Powerful Photos That Perfectly Captured Humanity


Some days it’s hard to think that there’s humanity in the world. Our news outlets are flooded with scary or tragic news, people are busy and inwardly focused on their own lives — it can feel a bit hopeless at times.

The fact is — there is so much good happening in the world today. Even right now as you are reading this — something really really good and positive is happening out there. We guarantee it.

You see — positive and happy news doesn’t give the TV ratings that the networks crave. Or get clicks on news websites. Or rack up the sales on the newsstands. But there’s no doubt that the good outweighs the bad on this beautiful planet.

We’ve found 22 of the most insanely powerful photos that will give you a glimpse into the complexities of humanity. They are beyond touching, sometimes heartbreaking, and sure to leave a mark on your heart and in your memory for a very long time.

Continue to the next page to see this beautiful and sometimes heart-wrenching display of humanity. You’ll be so glad that you did.

Top 20 Celebrities Who Are Way Younger Than They Look


We’ve compiled a list of 20 celebrities that might surprise you with their actual age versus how they look. Let’s see if you can guess what their actual ages are.

You might find it a bit of a shock! Start Slideshow to see who’s up first!

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Get Ready For A Rise In Temperature: 20 Hottest Male Nurses Of All-Time

male nurses

We’ve found the 20 hottest males nurses that will make you feel like you’re coming down with something. You’ll think you’ve died and gone straight to heaven when scrolling through these pics. Start the slideshow for a temporary mental break from whatever you were just doing. You’re welcome.

They help save lives. They have stable (and awesome!) jobs. And they’re ridiculously good-looking? *cough cough* I think I need my temperature taken.

2-Year-Old Unaware He’s Basis For 6 Couples’ Decisions Not To Have Kids

OK….let me start this off by asking a simple question. If you have no kids…and you are out at a store or restaurant and you see a baby (2-year old) acting out of control or crying violently…would you immediately think to yourself…”you know what…I’m NEVER having kids after seeing that behavior!”? Or if you do have kids…would you vow to never have more??

While many of you would laugh at such a notion of making a blanket knee-jerk reaction to what most would acknowledge as “typical” behavior that happens with some 2 year olds, their are also some who might react very differently.

Which brings us to the news that ‘The Onion‘ has just recently reported. News that we KNOW is going to generate a lot of controversy regarding the behavior of young kids or babies, that you may not believe.

At least 6 different couples have made the decision to no longer have kids. Why? Because of a little 2 year old baby. That’s right….a 2 year old. But there is more.

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Dogs And Their Owners: 22 Heart-Melting Then and Now Photos! No. 6 Was Our Favorite!

For dog lovers out there, I’m sure you will agree that time goes by way too fast when it comes to our pets. We only have to look at older photos of our dogs to realize that fact.

Here are 15 incredible photos of dogs and their owners as they grow up. These photos are months, even YEARS apart from each other! It’s amazing how familiarity converge with change as a decade of our life flies by.

Continue on the Next Pages to see truly special before and after photos of dogs and their owners:

5 Ways To Help Stop Siblings From Fighting

Siblings fight all the time, sometimes they’re fighting for no reason, other times they have reasons. Here’s how you can help!

Teen Boy Kills Girlfriend's Parents to later have sex. Now being released after ONLY 5 years!

teen boy kills girlfriend's parents

I have seen some crazy stories in the past but this one really got our blood boiling! I think it was also because I have children and as I saw this story I couldn’t help but think of my own children and worry about the devastating impact peer pressure can have on teens. But how can you explain how a teen boy kills girlfriend’s parents and then has celebratory sex afterwards?

Here we have a young, impressionable and obviously very troubled teen boy, who allowed himself to get involved in a very toxic relationship with girl who was very troubled herself.

“When police arrived at the yellow-brick house in Garland, Tex., on the afternoon of Aug. 17, 2010, they found Alan Nevil lying near death in a neighbor’s yard. He had been shot five times. One bullet was lodged in his throat. His wife, Darlene, was found dead inside the house, shot in the back and head.

Despite the blood in his mouth, Alan managed to gargle the name of their attacker.”

But that’s only the beginning of this bazaar and heartbreaking story.

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Puppy Tied Up In Garbage Bag And Dumped – Until One Man Heard Her Cries For Help!

A Canadian man is the guardian angel and true hero for one lucky puppy dog. The poor puppy was tied up in a plastic garbage bag and left by a dumpster to be tossed out.

A man named Aaron Katz was walking home one day and happened to take a back street instead of the usual route. He started to hear the sounds of a faint yelp – and had to figure out where it was coming from.

Aaron looked down and noticed a garbage bag on the side of the road – all of the sudden, the bag began to move. He was understandably scared to open the bag – but thankfully, he did.

When he untied the garbage bag he was absolutely stunned to see a very scared 2 month old German Shepherd puppy. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

The poor thing was freezing and terrified so Aaron picked up the precious dog and ran to his car to warm her up. She was dirty and frigid cold.

Continue to the next page to see the fate of this sweet girl. Her story will absolutely move you to tears and warm your heart.

Dog Gets SHOCKING Reunion When He Discovers Who’s Under This Blanket!

Have you ever had to leave your dog for a long period of time for vacation or for work? Then you definitely know how happy your dog is to see you upon your return. They are just SO happy to have you back home.

The owner in the video on the next page decided to play a fantastic and heartwarming prank on his pup after returning home from a long vacation in Holland. And he recorded it to share with the world!

The dog’s name is Fizz and her owner is Nando Brown. The prank is a simple one but it’s guaranteed to make you smile if not make your day.

Nando decides to set up a camera in his backyard and hides underneath a blanket. Looking like an unassuming lump in the backyard. Now here comes Fizz – just sniffing around like a dog does.

You have got to see her reaction when she realizes that’s not just a blanket covering some chopped wood. It’s SO ridiculously joy inducing!

10 Of The Most Durable (And Fashionable!) Winter Boots For Your Dog!

We don’t let our dogs walk on very hot pavement, right? If you are, you shouldn’t! The skin on the pads of their paws is sensitive just like ours. Which is exactly why you should consider some boots for your pup!

Some people might think putting clothes on your dog is ridiculous. But – if you live in a cold climate and have a dog breed that wasn’t born to be in those temps, these boots could really help keep them warm and comfy!

Prolonged snow or ice contact to your dog’s paws can cause frostbite and seriously damage their skin. Again – many dogs are equipped to be in cold and icy climates but many are not.

We’ve put together some of the greatest, most durable, and cute boots for dogs this season. Maybe an early Christmas present?

Continue to the next page for the list of these adorable boots! If only we could find ones to match our dogs too!

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