10 Of The Most Durable (And Fashionable!) Winter Boots For Your Dog!

We don’t let our dogs walk on very hot pavement, right? If you are, you shouldn’t! The skin on the pads of their paws is sensitive just like ours. Which is exactly why you should consider some boots for your pup!

Some people might think putting clothes on your dog is ridiculous. But – if you live in a cold climate and have a dog breed that wasn’t born to be in those temps, these boots could really help keep them warm and comfy!

Prolonged snow or ice contact to your dog’s paws can cause frostbite and seriously damage their skin. Again – many dogs are equipped to be in cold and icy climates but many are not.

We’ve put together some of the greatest, most durable, and cute boots for dogs this season. Maybe an early Christmas present?

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