28-Year-Old Steps On Stage, Moves Howie To Tears With Unique Rendition Of Radiohead’s “Creep”


If you’re a fan of America’s Got Talent then you’re probably familiar with the name Brian Justin Crum. He’s a 28-year-old singer that had a performance that moved Howie Mandel to tears. It was mesmerizing.

During his initial audition, he performed Queen’s “Somebody to Love” — it was at that moment that the entire room, and everyone watching on TV, fell in love with Brian’s incredible voice. No one could stay in their seats.

Before performing, Brian touched everyone’s hearts by telling everyone a little bit about his past. He had been bullied because he was overweight and gay.

“I just begged (my mother) to let me live with my aunt and uncle in Oregon to have a fresh start and she let me go,” the singer explains in an interview.

After he was done taking everyone’s breath away, he received the nod from all four judges to move to the next round. Every performance from then on was just incredible.

But it was one performance of a popular Radiohead song that moved Howie to tears. When you watch it — you’ll see why.

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215 Responses to “28-Year-Old Steps On Stage, Moves Howie To Tears With Unique Rendition Of Radiohead’s “Creep””

  1. all I can say is wow what a great performance brought tears to my eyes

  2. Mom should be so proud of this amazing son his voice is a gift from God. I know she’s so proud. I would be.

  3. Brian Justin Crum,Wow what a voice.Your amazing and you obviously have a wonderful,loving mum.❤️

  4. Wow very powerful….love this!

  5. What a beautiful song and he sang it to so many people that have different views and different sicknesses illnesses absolutely beautiful

  6. He is so freaking amazing!!! I watched him on that show n he was just incredible every time he sang!

  7. That was amazing I felt every word you said congratulations

  8. He was my pic..amazing talent.

  9. I remember him like it was yesterday (every one of his performances) and thinking, “This guy has to win”! WHAT a voice aaand WHAT feeling with every note!! America really screwed up — Brian should’ve won. FOURTH place, really?!?! I’ve never seen or heard him again. What happened to him?
    I would think Simon signed him immediately and he’d be performing everywhere, maybe even have his own album!

  10. He was my (as well as a huge audiences) favorite. Right he should have won

  11. Love this and what a voice!

  12. One of Tashara’s favorite songs she sang. It brought me to tears. It’s a heart breaker.

  13. Bemo Myers -i thought of BJ

  14. He blew me away. Love him.

  15. Beautiful voice.

  16. Wow!
    What an amazing story – amazing voice and omg
    Isn’t he HANDSOME?!!

  17. Amazing singer amazing song I sure hope that song makes it out there for all us people that feel like that

  18. Ho! m’y god.He is just Wontheful

  19. Amazing voice full of passion

  20. He is amazing. I wish I could sing like that. He not only looks fantastic, very handsome, and can sing, what more do you want?

  21. Is the biggest fan love his mom ware r u no Awsome talent

  22. This man should have won this! He is amazing, I so hope he records and album as I want to buy it! Beautiful you had me in tears, amazing singer. Congratulations on your achievement, I truly believe you should have won!

  23. I love this chap. This is perfection

  24. Best rendition ever I hope the man is on Broadway he isn’t good he is freaking really good

  25. What an amazing performer … Person

  26. He was amazing cried so good hope he makes it

  27. Agreed he shoulda won hands down

  28. One of the best performances on that show I’ve ever heard.

  29. His singing is awesome,you can see the emotion he feels in his singing

  30. Une de mes chansons préférées très bonne interprétation

  31. I hope he wins. What a heart and soul he has.

  32. This is a performance that I will never forget! So moving!! Listen again and notice how long it takes the crowd to respond at the end. They were mesmerized….as was I!

  33. Young man I think you’re incredible and you sing like an angel but remember something you were born to be who you are and today you showed that you’re really somebody you’re very special God bless you honey

  34. Beautiful, very, very well done. AMAZING!!

  35. I absolutely cried. Thank you for the pure passion you shared. Wow.

  36. This has a bug attached to it.

  37. Best voice ever !! I could listen to him all day!!

  38. I just can’t get enough of this! He is so good.

  39. Superb performer! Incredible voice, soaring emotions.

  40. He had everyone’s attention and mine as well amazing simply amazing!

  41. Love this song but this literally gave me chills!

  42. I was shocked he didn’t win. So love him.

  43. He’s awesome. Maybe next week he can sing a nice Journey cover. Week after that Maybe a Prince classic.

  44. Check him out on YouTube he’s doing fantastic. He was robbed simple as that!!!

  45. Fabulous he could have been singing to anyone . There was not even a peep after his song people were mesmerized awesome

  46. amazing singer the voice is powerful

  47. Love America got talent he is amazing

  48. Absolutely sublime… majestic…amazing beauty voice and best beauty choice!!!

  49. Love him . He came second last year

  50. Great great voice he got the song downnnnn

  51. But she still has on her pearls…..

  52. Yes, love his performance, it brought me to tears too.

  53. His goal is to make people feel and I believe he did just that Beautiful!

  54. Outstanding performance…he should have won the whole thing…we need to separate the children talent from the adults. This is suppose to be for a Vegas act???

  55. BJC is a GREAT singer. I liked him from the beginning.

  56. Eli Vance…..he resides in LA….might wanna persue this….

  57. This brought me to tears as well!!!

  58. This young man is so amazing

  59. It brings out the goosebumps!

  60. You are the one to inspire the future of those who want to be true to themselves! Wishing society was more accepting of individuality instead of the blind hate we have in this country today! You give me hope! Wishing much success.

  61. It moved me to the core of my soul. Thank you beautiful young man!

  62. Love that song. Awesome job bro.

  63. Remember him, he is amazing and hope he finds a great career as a singer, he so deserves it

  64. Should have known, couldn’t see it.

  65. He brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps! FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

  66. I am still in shock that he did not win

  67. So moving, and done so beautifully

  68. Like this song anyway, pretty Awesome

  69. If he would’ve sung that song as his last song, he would’ve won. It was AMAZING. Just amazing.

  70. I LOVE this song, but got the video to play only once, now it just cuts out!

  71. This Guy Is Amazing ! He Can Literally Take Your Breath Away !

  72. Wow what a good song!

  73. Nothing stopping you!! You have a incredible talent!! Love your voice!! 🙂

  74. This guy blew me away wooooooow!!!!!!!

  75. Wow! Great voice! What a performance!

  76. This man is crying a lot lately!

  77. he is a really good singer… far better than the kid that won

  78. Incredible.absolutely breathtaking ❤

  79. Justin is an awesome singer.

  80. Beautiful, and such emotion❗️

  81. He is amazing and so talented

  82. Amazing !!!!! I listen to this every single day sometimes 2/3 times, what a talent, I think he,s absolutely fantastic, let’s hope we see a bit more of him,

  83. CherylKevin Cook this is the one I told you about

  84. I could watch this 1000 times and get chills over and over. WOW

  85. I could listen to him over and over again!!

  86. love this song and Brian did an amazing job those notes still floating up there. It was sung with such feeling


  88. Love him , his voice is amazing xxx

  89. Wonderful talented singer.

  90. Tine Fobelets. Listen to this singer. He’s amazing.

  91. Need to listen to this, Susan J. Olmstead Buie

  92. The show is fixed. No way he should have lost. The girl that won doesn’t even have a good voice. SO SAD!!!!

  93. Where is he now? Amazing ❤️

  94. love this song, always tears me up

  95. Wow ! Doesn’t matter if he wins or not . He’s here to stay.

  96. OMG brilliant love this guy’s voice, he’ll go far goosebumps

  97. Could not watch. Kept being interrupted by Amazon offer. So disappointing. Hopefully did not introduce virus

  98. This guy is Amazing!!!In my opinion,he should have won!!!!

  99. Holy crap! That literally had me holding my breathe bc I felt my breathing would distract from hearing him sing ❤️! That’s never happen to me

  100. Amazing he brought me into chill oh how I love him he touch my heart , congratulation

  101. Dedicated to Mike Pence and Donald Trump

  102. very moving rendition not to mention the vocal pipes on this man!! AMAZING

  103. AMAZING TALENT…… made me go cold !!

  104. This brought me too tears this man should have won he is fantastic ❤️

  105. Google him on AGT covering Queen’s SOMEBODY TO LOVE. He’s better than Freddy Mercury–and THAT’s saying something.

  106. YOu are wonderful with amazing voice don’t leave any one tell you to change you got this.

  107. A hair blowing experience I might say.

  108. I understand where he was coming from. I was bullied in school for being gay. When he started to sing I just started crying.

  109. love this guy, amazing voice and such an emotional performer…he is memorable

  110. Here I am again. Oct 15 and I say he is very special and when he sings he takes my breath away.

  111. wow, thats all i can say had me in tears ”’ great job ”

  112. Une voix exceptionnelle Brian Justin Crum

  113. Now I listened to the song 1,234 times. Ok ok one more

  114. Love this song he done it proud

  115. Never tire of listening to this…..

  116. Old post but he has made a few cds since. . Such a good singer.

  117. Wow brilliant voice deserved the gold buzzer..

  118. Amazing! I’m very impressed! When you the feelies with a singer, you got it!

  119. Will share this every time it comes up. It is far superior to the original!

  120. Wow,Wow, and Wow!! Breathtaking and beautiful!!amazing voice,so strong and such feeling.i felt every word!! ❤️ you and your voice!!Im so upset you didn’t win! You should have!!

  121. Can’t watch it cause Facebook is stupid

  122. So amazing , I just love, love him!!

  123. One of the judges has a pretty revealing outfit on for a talent show, like come on,

  124. If you like THAT then you should hear the song/vid for RISE that he does with SUP3RFRUIT, Mary Lambert and Mario Jose…it is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL

    See for yourself…


  125. He is simply amazing and should have won.

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