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Girl Warns Classmates She ‘Can’t Sing’ — But Jaw-Dropping Performance Has Them Going Nuts

Public speaking or performing in front of a large audience can be absolutely nerve-wracking. It’s a fear that millions of us have. Whether you’re taking the stage for the first time or performing for the millionth, it takes some serious guts. A school had an open mic session and one girl decided that she was […]

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90-Year-Old Grandma Is Blind And Deaf – Turns Around For Dance With Grandson No One Will Forget

A grandma named Jeanne decided she wanted to have a little fun with her grandson and film a light-hearted video. Little did she know, it was going to go viral and be viewed over 1.8 million times. Jeanne starts with the introduction saying, “this video is dedicated to the late Whitney Houston.” Then the music […]

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Traffic Man Gives Report, Has Audience Dying Of Laughter When He Breaks Into Disney Parody

According to NOAA statistics, more than 800 Americans die every single year in car crashes caused by snow, sleet, and freezing rain. One particular news reporting wanted to warn residents to stay indoors one winter in a very unique, and hilarious way. Bob Herzog is a traffic reporter for Local 12 News in Cincinnati. He’s […]

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Woman Films Children’s Choir Rehearsal, Doesn’t Realize Video Will Go Viral With 3 Million Views

With so much negativity, sadness, and tragedy in the news these days, it’s stories and videos like this that can lift our spirits. The children in this video are our future which should give you great hope because, well, they’re incredible. Baltimore’s Cardinal Shehan School Children’s Choir was rehearsing when someone decided to start filming. […]

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16 women

16 Women Line Up On Stage — Baffle Crowd With Otherworldly Moves

The video you’re about to see is a bit of an optical illusion of sorts. There are 16 women that appear to be floating or gliding as if on roller skates. The truth is, they are just incredibly graceful dancers. Berezka Ensemble, also known as the Little Birch Tree Choreographic group, danced a routine that […]

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Grandpa Takes 2 Young Men On In Dance Off – Has Crowd Dying Of Laughter With Way He ‘Wins’

You’ve seen it in movies, you’ve seen it at weddings, you may have seen it on the streets. The most epic form of battle to ever exist — a dance-off. If you’ve ever been able to bear witness to a dance-off, you know how crazy they can get. The dance-off in the video you’re about […]

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Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Act Like Newlyweds In Adorable Country Duet

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been married for a long time — over 13 years in fact. What makes them so adorable is the fact that they still love each other just as much as when they first met. Keith Urban released his eighth U.S. album called Ripcord and to celebrate, he and his […]

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national anthem

7-Year-Old With Bad Case Of Hiccups Powers Through National Anthem In Hysterical Video!

Imagine getting the opportunity to sing the national anthem at a local baseball game. Well, if you’re a good singer, you’d probably feel honored and excited about it. But sometimes, our nerves can get the best of any performer. As we all know, the national anthem isn’t the easiest song. There are notes that are […]

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The 10 Best & Cutest Kid Contestants in ‘America’s Got Talent’ History

Every single year, the talent on America’s Got Talent never ceases to amaze us. Of course, when there are talented kids on the show, it’s even more impressive. Seeing all of the talent and skills harnessed in one tiny body is simply amazing. These 10 kids are by far the cutest and most talented kids […]

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9-Year-Old Irish Samurai’s Audition Amazed Judges, Now Has Over 55 Million Views

Jesse Jane McParland is now 11-years-old, but she proved her toughness when she was only nine. The young girl is a martial arts master, a true Samurai, and she’s certainly not anybody that you’d want to mess with. “I saw people doing martial arts and I said ‘Daddy, daddy, look at this,’ but he said […]

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