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Teen Writes Song About Grandma’s Alzheimer’s, Has Judge In Tears With Heart-Wrenching Performance

There are over 5.5 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease in the United States. It’s a disease that is devastating and tragic for not only the sufferer, but for their families as well. One teenager wrote a song for his Grandma who has Alzheimer’s and it moved the entire room to tears. Harry Gardner auditioned […]

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5th Graders Come Onstage In Onesies, Have Crowd Dying With Hilarious Routine

Oh, yes. The school talent show. It was a moment when everyone at school could show off their talents and skills to all of their peers. If done right, a performance could leave the kids at school talking for weeks. Like these kids did. Four Texas 5th-graders absolutely nailed their school’s talent show act. It […]

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Kid Started Dancing In The Stands— Crowd Takes Notice & Can’t Get Enough!

The moment that Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’ was released, it had people all over the world singing, dancing, and clapping along. The positive, uplifting tone of the song just makes you want to move your feet. “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. Because I’m happy. Clap along if you know what happiness […]

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Justin Timberlake Loves This Daddy-Daughter Duo Dancing To His Song

When Justin Timberlake released his song ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling,’ it was an instant hit. It soared to the top of the summer music charts. Just like many of his songs, it’s catchy, it’s happy, and you can’t help but dance to it! A man named Josh Rinder filmed a video with his 6-year-old daughter […]

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Plane Crash Survivor Endures 100 Surgeries, Then Wows Simon 10 Yrs Later In Heart-Wrenching Audition

Kechi Okwuechi has lived an extremely difficult life. At just 16-years-old, she was the survivor of a plane crash in Nigeria that killed 107 people onboard. The moment she auditioned for America’s Got Talent, it was clear that she had worked hard to get there. Kechi will never forget that moment in her life. “I […]

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lip syncing

Singer Accused Of Lip Syncing Gets Cut Off — Then Judge Demands She Sing A Capella

Whether its plagiarism or lip syncing, singers and other artists are accused being fakes or phonies quite often. Just ask Aida Nikolaychuk, a 29-year-old cashier auditioning for Ukraine’s X-Factor. When Aida first appeared on stage, she is perfectly poised and looks like she’s been waiting for this moment for a lifetime. Aida tells the judges […]

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Tom Petty’s Final Live Performance With Stevie Nicks Proves Why He Is A Legend

Tom Petty’s tragic death has left the entire world mourning — his music left a mark on millions of people’s hearts over the decades. Even though he passed away on October 2, 2017 — his music will live on forever. Tom Petty wasn’t just an incredible musician, he was also an amazing songwriter. He wrote […]

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Street Vendor Moves Judges To Tears With Powerful Rendition Of Beyonce Hit

Thank goodness for shows like America’s Got Talent and The X Factor. These types of shows have allowed so many people to showcase their talent to the world. The best part? All walks of life can audition. On a recent episode of The X Factor UK, a 22-year-old woman from the Philippines. Her name is […]

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CoverGirl Names 69-Year-Old As Their Newest Model And Her Photos Are Stunning

The CoverGirl brand has been around for decades. Year after year they select beautiful models and actresses to be the face of their successful makeup company. For many years, it’s been young women that represent them. However, they are definitely diversifying. Last year, CoverGirl had their first CoverBoy. Then? Their first CoverGirl wearing a hijab. […]

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Daughter Starts Singing Rendition Of Beautiful Song For Mom. Within Seconds, Everyone Is In Tears

If you have a skill, you should probably use it. Better yet — flaunt it. With so many talent shows out there nowadays, the internet is filled with amazing performance after amazing performance. Like this one you’re about to see — a daughter sings a tribute to her mom, and it’s glorious. Laura Kamhuber decided […]

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