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Maddy Dellaca is an adorable two-year-old from Iowa who absolutely adores her dad and loves watching him sing. The toddler always watches her dad intently when he sings and plays music, she’s clearly taking mental notes.

Chelsea, Maddy’s mom, recently overheard her precious daughter singing in the next room and grabbed a camera to film it. The sweet toddler was singing the Star Spangled Banner into a fake microphone for an imaginary crowd.

Since Chelsea uploaded the video, it’s quickly gone viral. The internet is absolutely obsessed with the singing toddler. It’s been viewed over 250,000 times since it’s been uploaded.

Maddy holds her toy microphone tightly as she sweetly sings our country’s anthem. Well, at least tries to anyway. Ever since she heard her dad practice singing this song, she’s tried her best to mimic him.

Apparently, the toddler sings this patriotic song quite often. Sometimes, she even asks her brother to join her. Our favorite part though — is the fact that she can’t quite sing the words correctly. She’s only 2-years-old after all.

Maddy will start and stop, make up her own words, get adorably side-tracked, but it’s the best thing you’ll ever watch. We promise.

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A video was captured of a toddler dancing that is making the internet fall in love. There have been countless videos of little kids doing adorable, and sometimes impressive dances performances — but this? Beyond adorable!

A father and his young toddler daughter named Georgina were walking the streets of Galway City in Ireland. The old brick streets and stone buildings are something out of a storybook. To add to the ambiance — there’s a dancer dancing in the street.

The father decides to break out his phone to start filming the street performer dance and Irish jig and to also film his little daughter’s reaction to the entertainment. Little did he know that the video was going to go viral.

The adorable toddler named Georgina was about to become internet famous, and she can’t even speak in full sentences yet! Her eyes become locked on the talented dancing street performer, and Georgina can’t help but bust out a move or two herself!

The tap-dancing toddler begins performing her own dance, right next to the street artist — what happens next is too cute for words. It’s no wonder people all over the world are swooning over her!

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15 Products and Ideas Every Parent Needs!

Wouldn’t you just about anything to make sure that your babies are as comfortable as they can be? Well, here are 15 products and ideas every parent needs! Next time you’re looking for that perfect baby gift, pick one of these!

No matter how much you adore children, bringing home a new bundle of joy can be a tough challenge, especially if you’re a first-time parent.

Therefore, if there’s any way you can make the transition into parenthood as easy as possible, you should, without a doubt, grad that opportunity with both hands!

Now the following inventions are clever and they will save you a lot of time and effort, trust me! They also make great gifts!

Next time you’re visiting a friend who has just welcomed her / his precious little bundle of joy, instead of getting toys that are eventually going to sit on shelves, get them something they’re going to use for a long, long time!

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Most Common Car Seat Mistakes

Car SeatOne of the most important parts of any infants’ child their safety. One of the biggest ways safety can be offered to our little ones is a car seat. A car seat is required by the law. The laws keep changing and progressing. There are several things that parents need to remember when placing their little ones into a car seat.

Cleaning Car Seat

Car seats are something that every baby can’t keep clean. It becomes even more difficult as our children become older. We begin at some point to offer our children snacks while in their car seat. One of the most common snack foods offered to our toddlers are fish shaped foods. There are some specific steps that can help a person to wash their car seat.

  1. Remove car seat.
  2. Take picture so that you remember where the straps belong.
  3. Vacuum the car seat out.
  4. Remove car seat cover.
  5. Wash cover in washing machine in a cold and gentle cycle.
  6. Place the cover over a chair, or hang dry – DO NOT put into dryer.
  7. Look at picture and replace buckles.
  8. Replace car seat into car and tighten straps.

These steps can help when you are ready to clean the car seat. Complete this cleaning when you do not plan on using the car seat for at least 2 days.

Common Mistakes

There are some mistakes that people make when using car seats. Many times we as parents become complacent when it comes to our car seats. That complacence can cause troubles for the safety of your child.

  • CHOP combo seat line drawing not installedProper use of seat with proper child. It is important to watch the guidelines that car seat manufacturers. Be sure that you don’t turn your car seat to a forward facing position to early in your child’s life. Also, be sure that if you are meant to have the car seat at a 45 degree angle then place it there.
  • Tethering is very important. When you are using a forward facing seat it is important to anchor the car seat. Most commonly cars now have car seat anchors on the back of seats.
  • Straps are extremely common mistake. Straps can be pinched or twisted. If your straps are not evenly distributed then you will find that they are not as secure.
  • Latches can make or break your car seat safety. Latches are important to because once you place them where they belong you will learn that your babies are more secure. Car seats should be secured with either the seat belt or a latch, however NOT both. Also, be sure that the latches are strait.
  • Clips and connections are important. Keeping them straitened and in the proper place can ensure the safety of your child. The chest clip needs to be located on the chest level at the armpit area. Along with keeping the straps strait and lying flat, the clip in between their legs needs to be lying flat against their thighs.

Car seats are extremely important to the safety of your child while driving in the car. Keeping your car seat clean, and used correctly can help to make your life much easier with your children.


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