Woman Claims Men Are Cats And Women Are Dogs. Her Hilarious Reasoning Has Judges Cracking Up

For some reason, it’s always been stereotyped that women are more like cats and men are more like dogs. We don’t know why but cats are viewed as more feminine than dogs. Whatever the case may be, comedian Jodi Miller says it’s the other way around. Jodi Miller auditioned for the ninth season of America’s […]

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Patrick Swayze Records Beautiful Dance With His Wife. 8 Years After His Passing, It’s Gone Viral

The passing of Patrick Swayze back in 2009 broke the hearts of people all across the world. His performances in movies like ‘Ghost’ and ‘Roadhouse’ are some of his greatest. But it’s his performance in ‘Dirty Dancing’ that really caught the attention of all of his future fans. After the movie premiered, it was obvious […]

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12-Year-Old Introduces Nursing Home Resident, Has Simon Cracking Up When She Flirts With HIm

We have another incredible America’s Got Talent performance that had even Simon Cowell grinning ear to ear. This time? It’s a 12-year-old girl, her act is going to make Simon blush in the most hilarious way. Darci Lynne is one of the most talented young ladies we’ve come across in our search for best performances. […]

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Toddler’s Adorable Performance Of The Star-Spangled Banner In Her Own Language Goes Viral

Maddy Dellaca is an adorable two-year-old from Iowa who absolutely adores her dad and loves watching him sing. The toddler always watches her dad intently when he sings and plays music, she’s clearly taking mental notes. Chelsea, Maddy’s mom, recently overheard her precious daughter singing in the next room and grabbed a camera to film […]

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two kids

Two Kids Step Onstage, Win Hearts Of Millions With ‘Footloose’ Dance

We love showing off our favorite performances from “America’s Got Talent” — people are constantly surprising us with the level of skill that they possess. And these two kids you’re about to see? They’re some of the best. The two kids we’re talking about are named Artyon and Paige — they are both dancers. When […]

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trick shots

These Trick Shots Will Have You In Total Disbelief

Talent comes in all forms. Whether you’re a singer, a dancer, or someone who is really good at trick shots — it’s always amazing to watch people perform a skill that they’ve mastered. This guy is no exception. The man is super amazing at making trick shots. What’s a trick shot you might ask? Well, […]

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irish copy

3-Year-Old Anxiously Waits Onstage. Her Irish Dance Moves Have Won The Hearts of Millions

Irish step dancing is a traditional form of dancing that is passed on from generation to generation. Many Irish dancers often start learning the fast-footed moves at a very young age — like this 3-year-old, for example. The adorable little girl’s performance was put up on YouTube and has since garnered over 845,000 views — […]

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Man Writes 1 Finger Tapping Guitar Song A Day For 120 Days. These Greatest Hits Are Going Viral

Music is one of the cornerstones of life. It’s a universal language that transcends language and culture. Music helps people get through tough times, and it’s also used to celebrate the best times. The musicians that create and compose this meaningful medium deserve so much more credit and respect than they receive. It takes a […]

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Tiny Toddler Dancing The Irish Jig With A Street Performer Is Winning Over Hearts Across The World

A video was captured of a toddler dancing that is making the internet fall in love. There have been countless videos of little kids doing adorable, and sometimes impressive dances performances — but this? Beyond adorable! A father and his young toddler daughter named Georgina were walking the streets of Galway City in Ireland. The […]

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Goofy Teen Wins Over Judges With Spot On Impersonations

When it comes to a show like the “Got Talent” series, it really doesn’t get crazier than that. People from all over the world come to showcase their unique talents in hopes of fame. One teen auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and knocked the judges socks off. His skill isn’t singing, dancing, or even magic […]

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