Hero Military Dog That Saved Many In Afghanistan Gets New Lease At Life

Her name is Layka and she’s a hero to many. She is a U.S. military combat dog and has saved many lives while fighting for our country. Now it’s her that needed help.

Her breed is the beautiful Belgian Malinois and she has stories from battle that you just wouldn’t believe. Layka lost her front leg from gunshot wounds in an ambush in 2013. Despite her horrific injuries – she still managed to save the lives of soldiers in that building from an attacker.

She’s now only 5-years old and had another injury to her other front paw from an ATV accident. It’s so sad because she already lost one leg and this would leave her need a wheelchair.

Her owners are her Afghanistan handlers and have been taking care of her – they immediately sent her to the University of Tennessee’s veterinary clinic to take care of her broken paw.

“We love animals and we help a lot of animals,but she’s a hero, she saved our troops,” her owner told ABC News. “She didn’t ask to go in, she was trained to go in. We’re just enamored with her and what she has been through in her deployment.”

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Dog Purposely Starved To Near Death – But A Miracle Was About To Happen For This Puppy!

A dog named Angel was dying – and it’s because she was was being purposely starved. You might want to have a tissue handy – but don’t worry – there’s a happy ending to this sweet girl’s story.

The video on the page is definitely going to make you sob – at first in disgust and sadness. How can anyone possibly treat any animal so cruelly? It’s horrible how often we hear cases of abuse.

Then you’ll be crying tears of joy because this amazing Angel was finally rescued. Her rescuers said she was in the worst state they had ever seen. She was down to skin and bones. She could hardly move.

The rescuers were extremely fearful that it was too late for this precious pup. They were all begging and praying for a miracle at this point.

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Girl’s Dog Dies – Her Boyfriend Tries Healing Heart With Sweetest Gift In The World!

If you’ve ever lost a pet – you know how painful and heartbreaking that experience can be. There’s absolutely nothing that could ever replace our beloved furry kids. That’s a fact.

But in the video on the next page you’ll see a very loving and devoted boyfriend that wants to heal his girlfriend’s broken heart. She just lost her dog to a heart tumor.

And when we say “just” – we mean that her dog, B.B., was put down the day that this video was filmed. It just adds an element of emotion that you can physically feel through the screen.

Obviously and understandably – the woman was devastated and completely inconsolable. Her boyfriend hated seeing her like this and could only think of one thing he could do.

You have to watch this completely adorable and incredibly touching video on the next page. Don’t you just love – “love”?! It’s shown on so many levels in this clip.

[VIDEO] Rescue Dog Experiences Bed For The First Time And Her Reaction Is PRICELESS!

I can never get enough of these types of videos. It’s so heartwarming to see rescue dogs FINALLY get the love, safety and comfort they deserve.

It’s awful to think that so many dogs are mistreated and year and every DAY. Cruelty to animals is something that we will never understand. It’s heartbreaking.

With all that heartbreak out there – it’s so refreshing to see such a happy story and reaction caught on camera. What a breath of fresh air!

This dog’s name is Millie and she’s just been rescued – she’s 7 years old! Even at her older age, this poor girl had never had a bed before. And it’s about to be her first time experiencing what one feels like!

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Owner Plays Harmonica To Sleeping Puppy – WATCH What Happens Next! HILARIOUS!

The video on the next page is too hilarious for words! This Golden Retriever puppy is napping on the couch but can’t resist those sweet harmonica sounds!

It’s clear that the owner of this puppy must play his harmonica around him all the time. I can imagine these awesome jam sessions at their house with the dog howling away.

Music must be in this dog’s soul because even when he’s sawing logs on the couch – he can’t resist but to chime in subconsciously!

The dog’s name is Max and he’s just about as cute as can be. You’re going to crack up when you hear what this dog does once the harmonica starts playing.

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WATCH Adorable Lab Puppy Struggle To Stay Awake – SO Funny!

It’s happened to every one of us. You’ve had a long day and you’re super tired – but you don’t want to miss out on any fun, right? So your force yourself to stay awake. Sound familiar?

That’s exactly what is going on with this super cute puppy in the video on the next page. Her name is Bella and she’s an adorable yellow lab puppy.

It’s clear that the sweet girl needs a nap but she just doesn’t want to give into slumber! She just wants to be awake for all of the action.

One minute she’s sitting upright like she’s “not tired at all” (although we all know the truth!) and then the next minute she’s slllllowly nodding off and her head sinks.

You have got to see this hilariously cute video on the next page. It’s sure to tug on your heartstrings – it’s impossible not to swoon.

Labrador Gets Hungry And Accidentally Lights Fire In His House! WATCH This Insane Video!

Imagine going into your dining room with your dinner on a normal evening. When all of the sudden the smoke detector is going crazy and there’s flames in your kitchen! That’s exactly what happened to this family.

All because of the Labrador Retriever!

Obviously this cute little guy had no idea what he was doing. Dogs have intentions that are pure as gold, obviously we all know that.

But this family decided to get some pizza and stay home for dinner this night and set the cardboard boxes right on the stove. They smelled delicious I’m sure.

Well this pup can’t help but want to get a sniff and maybe even a little bite! But in a twist of bad luck – he ignited the stove. Causing a tiny flame to appear by the boxes.

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WATCH Adorable Dachshund Struggle Getting Giant Teddy Bear In Kennel For Snuggles! SO CUTE!

There’s something about catching your kids do embarrassing things on camera – that goes for kids with and without fur! The video on the next page is just that.

This precious pooch is name Arvo – he’s a long haired Dachshund that is too cute for words. There’s something about those short little legs that I just can’t resist!

Arvo is wanting to take a nap inside of his kennel. But there’s only one problem – he wants to cuddle with his giant teddy bear. Which happens to be bigger than the kennel door.

Thank goodness the owners knew to grab their cameras to record this hilarious – but very persistent – dog! He must really love this teddy bear.

Continue to the next page to see the hilariously cute Dachshund in action. You really gotta give it to him! He’s dedicated.

Loyal Dog Followed His Veteran All The Way To The End

This story is going to make the tears flow, so beware. Although there’s sadness to this story – there is also beautiful and devoted loyalty.

A gorgeous dog named Honor was trained at an organization called Paws & Effect in Des Moines, Iowa. He was trained to do something very special – to comfort veterans with PTSD and other anxiety disorders they have from battle.

Honor was paired with Wade Barker. Wade served in the Gulf War and had been tormented by horrible nightmares since he returned. The dreams even involved seeing fellow soldiers shooting stray dogs because they were digging up bodies they had just buried. I can’t even imagine the torture.

But Wade would soon wake up to have Honor licking his face. Immediately waking him up from the nightmare and comforting him with a gentle snuggle.

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[VIDEO] Puppy And Human Argue About Waking Up And It’s SO CUTE!

Waking up is hard to do – who doesn’t want to just lay in bed and cuddle with their puppy all day?! I know I do! Dream life, right?

The video on the next page is an adorable “argument” between an owner and his puppy. I love moments like this caught on video!

It’s time to get up and get going but this puppy, named Thor, just isn’t having it! I can’t say I blame him. He looks like a growing boy!

It takes a lot of energy to be a puppy and this adorable boy needs to quality sleep to recharge. The owner doesn’t agree though.

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