WATCH Rescued Puppy With Cleft Palate Drink Water In Unique Adorable Way!

This little puppy in the video on the next page is named Gertie. She has a cleft palate and was found in a dumpster when she was only 1 day old. Can you even imagine?

It’s always heartbreaking when you hear stories of abandonment and cruelty towards animals. It’s absolutely unthinkable.

This adorable pup was given a second chance at life when she was found in the dumpster on that fateful day. Thank goodness she was rescued.

She has a cleft palate making it difficult to drink water like most dogs. But of course, she was born with it and has learned how to make it work!

Continue to the next page to watch this precious and clever pup lap up water in the most adorable way. She makes me so happy!

Sailors Come Across Tired Scared Puppy At Sea

This is a story I cannot even believe. A group of sailors in a sailing club were out in the Gulf of Naples off the Italian coast. What they saw in the middle of the open waters was unimaginable.

It was a tired puppy trying with all it’s might to fight the current and stay afloat. The sailors couldn’t believe their eyes. How on Earth did it get there?!

The yellow puppy was all alone and immediately swam towards them in dire need of rescue. The sailing team pulled the sopping wet pup aboard the vessel.

“We approached, we were sailing and maneuvering was not easy,” the club’s director Massimiliano Cappa told a local Italian publication. “He was visibly exhausted, his legs almost paralyzed by the cold. He trembled and wept.”

Watch this incredible video and find out how this poor thing ended up in such a crazy situation. It will just blow you away.

[VIDEO] Stray Dog Begs To Get Into Animal Clinic

All every dog wants is to be loved and live in a happy and healthy environment. This pup is no exception to that yearning. The video on the next page is proof of that.

Apparently – this dog is homeless and is known in the neighborhood. So known, in fact, that one woman decided to help and take him to the clinic to get neutered one day – she was taking her dog as well.

They say that he did well during the procedure and was released to the woman. However, she must have let him go to roam around the neighborhood again.

The next day – the most heartbreaking thing happened. The dog must have felt the love and compassion at the clinic and wanted it back!

Watch this amazing video on the next page. It’s definitely going to touch your heart. I know it did for me.

[VIDEO] Puppy Wants To Be With Parents SO Bad!

Awww! Get ready to have your heart strings pulled AND see the best thing ever! It’s the best 28 seconds ever recorded on video.

I don’t know about you but I love hilarious or cute dog videos with one dog in them. Let alone a puppy. And let alone the entire family in the mix!

The video on the next page is too stinkin’ cute and I can’t get over how small and adorable this tiny puppy is! You’re going to be obsessed.

The small thing is a Pit Bull/Boston Terrier mix and it is ADORABLE. The precious pup is inside while both of his parents are looking in on him from the outside.

The pup just can’t STAND the invisible separation between them and doesn’t understand why he can’t be with them! How he reacts is just too freaking precious.

WATCH These Newborn Puppies Get Tickled! Best. Video. Ever.

Puppies!! Oh puppies. They are just irresistible and just possibly the cutest things on the planet. It doesn’t even matter what breed!

The video on the next page is just going to absolutely make your day – if not your week! If you have these adorable pups in your grasp – I’m sure you’d do the same.

These little tiny Jack Russell Terrier pups are clearly just days old. Their eyes aren’t even open yet! But those fuzzy bellies are just too tempting to resist.

When this owner records these pups laying with their mama – they just couldn’t help but give those bellies a little tickle! How could you not?

Continue to the next page for the video that will just melt your heart into an ooey gooey puddle. Get ready for the cutest thing ever!

WATCH! This Dog Breaks Into Hilarious Happy Dance For Food

We know better than anyone that dogs do some pretty funny things. Whether it’s a funny sound or a silly move – they are always keeping us laughing.

The dog in the video on the next page has truly mastered the beautiful art of dance. And go figure – he’s motivated by treats and food!

I mean – let’s be honest. I would probably do some crazy things if the reward was food. Especially chocolate…mmm…chocolate. Not for dogs, of course. For me. I digress.

It’s just a short little video but it’s something that you’ll remember and chuckle about all day. Honestly, I watched it about 10 times.

Continue to the next page to see this silly dog in action! Shout out to the family who caught this cutie on tape!

Does Your Dog Do THIS With You? The Answer Reveals Something Amazing!

Often times we think we know what our dogs are trying to tell us – but wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually read their minds or have them talk to you?

Well we can’t teach you how to do either of things (although we’ve seen some talking dogs!) – but we can tell you what certain behaviors mean.

We can’t explain why your dog loves barking at the lamp post outside – but can definitely tell you about some other common things your dog does!

There’s meaning behind each of these behaviors – and I think you might be surprise at some of them! I know I was.

Continue to the next page to see what these common ways your dog is trying to tell you something!

[VIDEO] Dog FREAKS Out When Favorite Disney Hero Comes On TV

The video on the next page is just plain adorable – and hilarious! This dog absolutely loses it when his favorite Disney hero comes on the television screen!

The dog is a beautiful Belgian Malinois – his name is Stryker. And boy oh boy – he LOVES Disney movies. Especially the movie Bolt.

Bolt is an awesome superhero dog and is the main character of the movie. Stryker’s parents put the movie on and his reaction is hilariously priceless.

You can tell Stryker is just anxiously waiting for his favorite character to appear on the screen. I wonder how many times he’s seen this movie?!

Just like a human child – Stryker has developed an adorable love for a cartoon role model. You have got to watch the video on the next page.

Their Autistic Son Needed Help – So They Sent Him To Meet A Murderer In Jail

This family found hope where you least expect it. A family with an autistic son – so desperate to help their son – would try anything. So they turned to a prisoner.

This prisoner is trying to make the most of his life – a second chance of sorts – by helping others. But first – the backstory.

The prisoner, named Chris, was sentenced to 48 years in prison back in 1998. The charge was for helping murder a man.

He knows he is guilty – and wants to make a change in life. So he decided he needed to help people.

For years – a prison program has allowed prisoners to train service dogs. It helps the dogs become service dogs – and the prisoners learn compassion, dedication and discipline.

You have to see how Chris changed a little boy’s life for the better. It’s truly a beautiful story of not judging books by their cover.

Woman Goes To Spread Beloved Dog’s Ashes – What She Sees Next Is Truly Amazing

It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not – this is something that is absolutely going to blow you away. A woman went to her dog’s favorite spot to play to spread his ashes and something incredible happened. You have to see what happened on the next page.

A woman named Ashley in Chicago recently lost her beloved Golden Retriever named Wagner. The amazing boy was 12 years old.

She knew she wanted to do something special with Wagner’s ashes – wanted to make sure they were placed in a spot she knew Wagner would love.

So she took Wagner to their favorite local park. Ashley knew Wagner would love to have his puppy soul play there forever!

As she was spreading his ashes – a friend took a snapshot. What they saw in the picture on the next page is absolutely incredible. It will take your breath away.

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