We love showing off our favorite performances from “America’s Got Talent” — people are constantly surprising us with the level of skill that they possess. And these two kids you’re about to see? They’re some of the best.

The two kids we’re talking about are named Artyon and Paige — they are both dancers. When they took the stage at America’s Got Talent, they announced to the judges that they would be performing a routine to the popular song ‘Footloose.’

The performance starts and Paige begins dancing on the judges’ table while Artyon is sliding on the floor with backup dancers in tow. He hops up without effort, and the performance gets better from there.

Artyon even jumps up and lands in the splits, something no one expected from the 10-year-old boy. As they continue to dance together, it’s obvious that these two kids have chemistry. They are performing flawlessly.

Then comes the well-known part of the song where he shouts “got to cut loose!” they are performing their routine flawlessly. Even Simon is starting nod and bounce his head with a smile while watching these two.

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She might only be 4-years-old but she certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. Her name is Ella Dobler and it’s a name that you’re going to want to remember. Her incredible dance routine has left the internet with their jaws dropped.

Ella is competing in the Rainbow National Dance Competition in the video on the next page. She was determined to win the first place trophy — and, of course, mom would be filming the entire moment.

The talented 4-year-old has been dancing since the moment she ever heard music. Ella had a natural rhythm about her and it followed her wherever she went. She was a light of excitement no matter where she was.

Ella was placed in dance competitions as a toddler and has perfected her skill more and more ever since. By just 4-years-old, it’s crazy to think that she was already competing on a national level!

She’s taken home many first place prizes and was determined to make it happen again. She was going to wow the judges and the crowd with an incredible dance routine that you won’t believe is performed by such a young child!

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It’s no secret that there are many talented people out there in the world. With the plethora of talent shows out there these days many of those talented people are showcased. Take, for example, the Got Talent shows are just one of those talent series.

On the show Britain’s Got Talent, they are used to seeing hundred and hundred of hopeful people dreaming of a chance at the big time. Sometimes they are singers, sometimes dancers, and other times a special talent.

When walking onto a stage in front of thousands, it’s got to be one of the most anxiety-inducing moments of all time. Especially when you have 4 intimidating judges about to watch you perform.

The dancer you’re about to witness on the next page didn’t seem to have ANY of those pre-show jitters. In fact? He seemed quite cool, calm, and collected.

His confident demeanor certainly paid off in his performance because it had the entire crowd WOW’d. Even the scary judge Simon Cowell!

His dance routine had the audience and judges going CRAZY! You can’t miss this.