The 10 Best & Cutest Kid Contestants in ‘America’s Got Talent’ History

Do you have a favorite performer yet? It’s so hard to choose where there is so much talent crammed into these pint-sized people. We could sit back and watch these all day long. There is hopefully a long road of success for these kids.

Keep scrolling for our top three favorites. Tell us which ones you loved in the comments below and share these talented kids on Facebook!

3. Isaac Brown — At just 6-years-old, this talented tyke channels his inner Michael Jackson with this incredible and adorable performance. The judges couldn’t believe how heartfelt he performed. 

2. Quintavious Jones — This 12-year-old soulful singer made it all the way to the end as a finalist on season 9. When the judges asked why he wanted to be a singer, he responded, “because there is nothing else for me.” 

1. Grace VanderWaal — America swooned over 12-year-old Grace VanderWaal. There’s not much to say about this performance except, watch it. There’s a reason why she won season 11. 

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