11-Year-Old Girl Walks Up On Stage, But Everyone Has Stunned Expressions On Their Face

We’ve all seen some amazing videos on the internet, but sometimes it’s television that captures some of the most magical moments. When this little girl walks out on to the stage, her anxious demeanor and timid presence don’t impress anyone.

But, at 11 years old, when she chooses her song to sing for the judges, she picks one that would be difficult for even the best professional to nail. When the music starts, a transformation comes over the shy little girl, and she fills with an energy that comes out in her first words.

As her Mother watched on from the back room waiting for her daughter to sing, you could see the anxiety in her face. She’s heard her daughter do this song countless times, as you could imagine, but having and seeing her 11-year-old daughter out there on the stage could only be best described as “Proud and Horrified” at the same time.

What will happen to my daughter out there in front of all these people must be crossing her mind every millisecond, but her daughter knew she had this trick up her sleeve and the world was going to find out about it right this moment.

The voice of a much older, much different girl than the timid little girl who answered judges questions comes out and delivers a first stanza that gets people standing on their feet.

There is no doubt by the time she reaches the chorus that we are in for the performance of a lifetime.

The crowd, rightfully, starts applauding wildly, as she fills the words with a power and emotion that seems beyond her 11 years to full comprehend. Judges and audience alike dab at emotional tears in their eyes.

This video is pure magic, and the young girl singing should be very proud of herself.

In her interview, after singing, a change has come over her, as if the applauding crowd had transformed the little shy girl, and now she stood there talking to the judges with her head high.

It’s in amazing moments like these that we can see young lives shaped, and hopefully she moves forward with a sense of acomplishment from here on out. She deserves her 15 minutes of internet fame!

Feature Image Source: muhamad idris Ruslan

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