11-Year-Old Sings One Of World’s Most ‘Technical’ Songs, Brings House Down With Control And Tone

Serena Rigacci is from Pisa, Italy; at the time of the video you’re about to see, she was just 11-years-old. She’s a gorgeous young girl who has accomplished more in her short years than many people do in a lifetime. When you see her talent as an 11-year-old, you’ll know why.

She was born in 2003 and began singing almost as soon as she could talk. It was on the 4th season of the Italian musical variety show called Ti Lascio Una Canzone (I’m Leaving You A Song), that she got her start.

She’s performed songs in front of large crowds time and time again. After appearing on Ti Lascio Una Canzone, she went on to win multiple events like another popular Italian show called Punto su di Te (Point on You.)

Today, Serena is 14-years-old and she’s still crushing it. However, it was her audition on the Romanian ‘Next Voice’ TV series in 2011 that really blew people away. Not only did she sing her chosen song perfectly, but the song she chose was impressive in and of itself.

She’s just an 11-year-old, but she chose to sing one of the most difficult songs to have ever been written — Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You.’ Whitney Houston had one of the greatest voices of our lifetime — could she really pull it off?

Not only would she pull it off, she would knock the crowd, and the audience, off their feet. After only two words, everyone’s jaws were dropped to the floor.

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