12-Year-Old Introduces Nursing Home Resident, Has Simon Cracking Up When She Flirts With HIm

The 12-year-old brought a puppet named Edna this time (last time it was Petunia). Edna is an elderly woman who “lives in a nursing home.” Apparently, Edna has a little bit of a crush on Simon Cowell.

“Where’s that Simon fella”, Edna asks almost instantly. Edna ends up flirting with Simon, telling jokes to Simon, and even sings “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin! It’s absolutely hilarious. And Darci Lynne is so good!

Watch and SHARE Darci Lynne’s awesome and hilarious performance. We’re sure Simon still remembers this act.

It’s easy to see why she received a standing ovation from the crowd!

Source: YouTube


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