15 Year Old Made The Judges Cry, But That’s Not The Most Amazing Thing About This Performance

As the doors open and Tristan walks in to start her audition, even the judges are excited to watch her audition, one even mentions that they have a really good feeling about what they’re about to hear. As the video continues you start to see images of Tristan and her Mother and can see that they both mean the world to each other.

As the song winds down, you can see that Jennifer Lopez is teary eyed, especially after hearing her story and about how Tristan’s Mother is her hero.

She can’t wait for Harry Connick Jr. to talk about how well she does, and even tells him to hurry up because she’s bursting to tell her how amazing she is as a singer, musician and person.

Tristan starts to break down when she talks more about her Mother, and even Keith Urban can’t control the tears anymore.

But there is still one more special surprise ahead for all of them…Watch What Happens Here

Source: American Idol

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