2-Year Old Boy On Brink Of Death – Dog Runs Back To Alert His Parents!

This is one of those stories that’s every parent’s nightmare. A 2-year old boy was playing at a friend’s house when he fell into a dam near the house. Being too young to know how to swim – this little boy was in serious trouble.

At only 2-years old – this young boy couldn’t scream for help or swim to the shore to safety. But what he did have was his Staffordshire Terrier, Leala, playing alongside him.

Leala, who despises water, jumped in after the boy but couldn’t find a way to rescue him. This was becoming very critical, very fast.

The boy was quickly drowning so Leala decided to try another tactic. She raced back home to alert the boys parents. They immediately knew something was terribly wrong.

They know that their dog absolutely hates water and she was acting terribly frantic. They decided to follow their dog who was clearly signaling something.

What they found was their unconscious little boy, Alex, face down in the water. You have to keep reading to hear the amazing ending to this story.

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