2-Year-Old Unaware He’s Basis For 6 Couples’ Decisions Not To Have Kids

OK….let me start this off by asking a simple question. If you have no kids…and you are out at a store or restaurant and you see a baby (2-year old) acting out of control or crying violently…would you immediately think to yourself…”you know what…I’m NEVER having kids after seeing that behavior!”? Or if you do have kids…would you vow to never have more??

While many of you would laugh at such a notion of making a blanket knee-jerk reaction to what most would acknowledge as “typical” behavior that happens with some 2 year olds, their are also some who might react very differently.

Which brings us to the news that ‘The Onion‘ has just recently reported. News that we KNOW is going to generate a lot of controversy regarding the behavior of young kids or babies, that you may not believe.

At least 6 different couples have made the decision to no longer have kids. Why? Because of a little 2 year old baby. That’s right….a 2 year old. But there is more.

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