WATCH: Amber Heard expert gets caught allegedly Lying Under Oath

Julian Ackert was first called in by Amber Heard’s team as the case’s Forensic Science Expert as their first counter-testimony. He’s seeking to dispute Johnny Depp’s technology expert’s assertion that Heard’s wound photographs were altered.

Depp’s evidence was given by Bryan Neumeister, who indicated that he investigated EXIF data, which stands for interchangeable image file, and concluded that some of the photographs appeared to have been edited by Apple’s “Photos 3.0” program.

In his own testimony, Ackert indicated that he had no reason to dispute the forensic authenticity of the images he studied. During cross-examination, Depp’s lawyer asked whether he could guarantee that all of Heard’s photographs were authentic.

The scientific expert questioned Neumeister’s proof concerning the Photos app, pointing out that Apple devices create copies of photographs as part of the synchronization process.

But Julian was called again in one of the final days of the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp trial and things get heated as it looks like Ackert was not being truthful about the photos.

Watch the exchange in the video below.

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