23 Pictures Of Reopening In Other Countries That Every American Should See

With the world reopening all over the place, the next big concern for so many has shifted to…how to still be safe when going back to restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, stores, etc?

I know for me, where I live in GA, I have been very disappointed with the late of protection that people have applied. In fact, in many places if you just look at the people walking around and going into stores, you would think everything is normal. 

But it’s not. 

So…how can we make sure we are all safe while at the same time trying to go back to the places we love or the places we need to go back to?

Well, Buzzfeed did a great article on this subject. Pulling incredible ideas from sources all over the world how each place is dealing with the reopening.

And as you will see below some of these ideas are just brilliant and should be considered implementing globally.

So enjoy!

At the same gym, a sanitizer spraying a safe, food-grade disinfectant helps kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air.

Also in Hong Kong, this escalator has a handrail UV sterilizer that zaps germs as they go by.

This UV handrail sterilizer on an escalator in Hong Kong from r/mildlyinteresting

This Danish shopping center has a hand-washing station set up for shoppers outside to use as they come and go.

Hand-washing station outside a Danish supermarket from r/mildlyinteresting

At this Hong Kong McDonald’s, a thermal monitor checks shopping customers’ temperature before they are allowed to take food to go.

Read more of this entire story here.

Source Credit: Buzzfeed

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