3 Most Common Positions for Breastfeeding

In many countries breastfeeding a way of life. In some places like the US, mothers have the choice between feeding from the breast and formula from a bottle. Many mother’s desire to breastfeed but many feel completely lost when it comes to what to do and where to go.



Something that is important to learn are the positions for breastfeeding. Learning which is the best hold for you and your baby. There are three positions that are most common.

  • Cradle Position. This is one of the most common positions that mothers use when breastfeeding. This position cradles the head of your baby into the crook of your arm. You can hold the baby in your lap, or place a pillow on your lap and then the baby on top of that.
  • Football Hold. This is also called the clutch hold. As the name of the position says, you will hold your baby like a football. Place a pillow on your lap, and hold the baby with her face laying on the pillow placing your nipple in their mouth.
  • Side-Lying Position. This is a position that requires a bed to use. Laying on your side while placing your baby on their side. Position their head at your nipple. With this position it is important to place belly to belly.

One of the most important things to remember when breastfeeding is that no one does it perfect. Everyone has their own style. It is important to ensure that when you are breastfeeding you are comfortable and that it doesn’t hurt. Remember that when it hurts you need to change positions.

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