4 Awesome Ways To Deal With Stubborn Children

Have stubborn children who just never listen? Here are 4 amazing ways to help them help themselves! From one parent to another 🙂

Sometimes children think that the only way to get their way is by being stubborn. They will stop at nothing, literally nothing to make you bend and this is especially true when they start being stubborn in public places. Some children know that if they become stubborn in public places, their parents will do as asked. There are times parents get so frustrated that they don’t know where to turn, how to handle and how to not lose their patience. Here’s are amazing ways to deal with stubborn children.

There’s no point arguing with a stubborn child because when they’re angry or stubborn, they won’t listen to you, therefore it’s not the right time to argue. It will only make the situation worse, thus leave them and when they’re quite, take some time out and speak to them. Ask them why they behaved like that because there might be something that made them uncomfortable. When you find out, make sure your child is not in similar situations again. Patience and dedication is the only way to control the situation. 

When they’re being stubborn, without raising your voice, sit down, ask them to sit if they will and communicate with them. Ask them what the problem is and how you can help them if they will tell you what ticked them off. Sometimes discussing problems can help solve them. Instead of being a strict parent, be a friendly one and find out what they’re thinking when they’re being stubborn. Divert their attention and try make them forget the whole tension. If you don’t communicate often, children think they’re abandoned, unwanted and/or unloved. 

Be your child’s role model. If children see their parents fighting over things they learn to understand that it’s okay to yell, fight and do whatever it takes to get your way. They think that frustration is best let out angrily. Let fights be private that way your child will never learn how to vent out frustration or be stubborn. The point is that your kids behave exactly how you behave.

Instead of ordering your child to go to bed or finish their food when they’re being stubborn, it’s best to give them options so it diverts their tension. Ask them if they’d like to hear a story or a song before going to bed. Ask them if they’d like to drink fruit juice before or after the meal? giving them options will help them think that even their opinion matters and they will learn how to make their own decisions form the choices you’re offering. 



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Article Source: LifeHacker

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