4 Awesome Ways To Introduce Your Child To Writing!

Early childhood is an exciting time for academic growth, therefore it’s best that you teach your child how to write, because it will help develop their skills. Here’s how to introduce writing to your child!

Children need to start writing from an early age so that they get used to the process of holding the pencil right. Those children who write early are usually those who have cultivated emotional growth, develop critical thinking skills and improve school performance. Writing is a tremendous gift, it puts thoughts into words and by teaching your child how to write, you will be giving them a skill that will help them forever.

Write To Inspire Your Child

Young children are almost always curious so make sure you make the most out of their curiosity. They love watching you most of all and thanks to their curiosity, you can introduce them to writing by writing yourself on paper instead of an electronic device and say how awesome you feel when you write! Occasionally, ask them to try and see how they feel and that is how they’ll begin to love writing.

Describe Your Writing

This is another way to introduce your child to writing. Let’s take an example of shopping. When you go shopping next time, write a list of things you need to buy on paper and when you go to buy the stuff you need, ask your child what to see the list and pick the items. Also ask her to tell you the uses of the things you buy. That way she’ll familiarize herself with the things you buy learn the spellings and try to write them.

Keep Drawing Supplies At Home

This goes without saying that the more supplies you have at home, the more your child will want to use them. In order for them to write, they need to learn how to draw, drawing is a fantastic way to teach them how to hold the pencil right – they will learn how to control their stationery.

Write The Drawing Descriptions

When your child finishes her drawing, write its description after asking her what the drawing is all about. If you child is confused about what the drawing is all about, consider giving your suggestions, like “maybe it’s about this…or that” and when she agrees, write it down for your child so she can see how thoughts can take a written form.

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