6’2” Dancer Proves To Judges That Looks Can Be Deceiving

While tall men are by no means new to the wonderful world of dance, there has never been a dancer quite like the “Big-O”, Oscar Hernandez. Standing at 6’2”, and weighing in at 280lbs, Hernandez is the largest light-footed dancer on the scene!

It isn’t just the simple fact that Hernandez can dance amazingly well that’s grabbed the nation’s attention though; it’s the style he chooses to dance in that fans can’t get enough of!

Oscar grew up in Orange County, California as an only child. His parents divorced when he was young, and his mom had to work long hours to keep food on the table. As a result, the young dancer was raised mostly by his grandmother, who had been a talented performer herself. Oscar grew up mimicking granny, and a young protégé was born!

Not everyone encouraged Oscar to develop his talents though. In his interview before the audition, the 34-year-old remembers when growing up his dad continually insisted that men his size weren’t meant to dance, they were meant for sports. In an effort to win his father’s praise, he tried his hand at football.

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