8 Meaningful Gifts To Give At Baby Showers! Prepare To Be Legendary!

If people you know are about to have a baby, leave aside the common teddy bears and prams, it’s time to give them meaningful gifts to celebrate baby showers!

Here’s a baby shower confession from a fellow mother.

Everybody knew the expectant mother was supposed to register for gifts, and then everybody was supposed to actually use the registry. Bringing a gift to a shower is almost required… it’s like 90 percent of the point of the shower and opening the gifts takes the majority of the time, but I’ve been to some showers where it seemed like some daredevils didn’t even bother with the expectant mother’s carefully curated baby registry, instead just buying her whatever they wanted to, whether she needed it or not.  As with a lot of traditions, our modern times have interfered… people don’t know “the rules.” People like doing their own thing.

Now here are the 8 meaningful gifts to give at baby showers! It’s time to be legendary!

Your favorite children’s books! Put together a stack of your own (or the parent-to-be’s!) childhood favorites for the baby-to-be.

A certificate for a birth or newborn photo session!

How about gifting a delicate necklace featuring baby’s birth stone for the mom-to-be? More than one baby? Why not add multiple birthstones to the mix?

How about making or ordering a modern quilt or blanket?

You know they’re going through a lot of stress right now, so how about taking care of their paperwork?

How about giving them their baby’s first heartbeat turned into jewelry? Soundwave jewelry is a great way for a new mom to stay connected to the days when her little one was still growing inside her.

Forget the common baby shoes, it’s time to get creative! Give the future tot shoes so swag they’re certain to be kept on the shelf for years just as they are!

How about wrap “open when” gifts for the new parent’s most trying moments?

Want to see more meaningful gifts? Check out the rest of the article on written by Morgan Shanahan on BuzzFeed!

Article Source: BuzzFeed

Photo Credit: asianetindia.com

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