8 Simple Rules Of Etiquette All Parents Should Follow

When parents are polite, kind and honest, they develop a path for their children to follow — parents who follow simple rules of etiquette naturally end up with well-mannered children… 

According to Scholastic, “The development of decorum varies from child to child. But between the ages of 3 and 5, your child is most receptive to learning the rules of polite conduct. You can begin introducing manners into your child’s daily routine practically from infancy. If your youngster likes to hand you his favorite stuffed bear, give him a smile and an enthusiastic “Thank you” when you accept it. When your family is gathered at the dinner table, be sure to say, “Please” or “May I?” when requesting the salt. Learning manners is easier for your child when it is the common practice in your household.

Here are 8 simple rules of etiquette all parents should follow:

Always try to make sure that your child always says “please” and “thank you” because it’s common courtesy. A lot of children forget to say these magical words, but they should be reminded and encouraged never to forget them.

When you’re attending your child’s sports event, always be encouraging and remind your child to be happy no matter what the outcome. A lot of children these days compete with each other and even call the other a “loser” – a child with manners should be able to take it easy.

Always pick up after your kid at restaurants and consider leaving a larger tip since the staff will have to work harder to prepare your table for the next guests.

Give your kid peanut-free snacks when they’re eating around other children.

Don’t get too personal with other parents. Questions like did you breast feed? How was your baby conceived? Do you plan to have more kids? are personal, very personal.

Never assume everything will be paid for when your kid is invited to an event by a friend’s family.

Check in when your kid is at another person’s home.

Never send additional siblings to a birthday party only one of your kids was invited to.

Here are more etiquette written by Mike Spohr on BuzzFeed, that all parents should follow!

Article Source: BuzzFeed

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