8 Times Talent Show Judges Crushed on HOT Contestants

You’d think that talent show participants would crush on the famous judges, but occasionally it’s the other way around, with the talent show judges pining on the candidates. From Simon Cowell to Katy Perry, everyone has been drawn to a talent auditioning for their program.

1.) Simon Cowell has a crush on Irina Dedyuk.

When Irina Dedyuk walked into the audition room for The X Factor UK in 2016, Cowell’s eyes opened. He told her she looked amazing and was enthralled when she sang Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.” After the audition, the other judges had to bring Cowell back to reality.

“There are some slight issues on the vocals, but come on. You obviously want this,” Cowell told her. “I love this kind of ambition, taking the moment. You’re slightly scary, but I like that.”

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