8-year-old pronounced deceased after accident comes back and explains who he “saw in heaven”

A family’s lives would be irrevocably altered in October of 1997. A sad twist of destiny tore them apart, but a mother and son were able to experience a glimpse of paradise thanks to a miracle.

Julie Kemp and her family were traveling through the Mint-Hill Intersection on their way home when their car was T-boned by an ambulance.

Source: Youtube Screenshot – The 700 Club

The accident was deadly.
Julie’s husband’s seat slid backward, crushing the youngster behind him. Landon, an eight-year-old boy, died at the moment.

Or, at the very least, he was declared dead for a little period. Landon was revived by first responders on the spot.

That was his first death. He actually died.
Unfortunately, Landon began losing his grasp again on the way to Carolinas Medical Center. While they were rushing through traffic, he slipped to the other side once more.

Source: Youtube Screenshot – The 700 Club

He was resurrected once more, only to die again in the hospital.
But it wasn’t the end of Landon.

Doctors and medical personnel were successful in resurrecting the kid. However, losing his life multiple times in a row proved risky.

Kemp noted in a CBN video that even if Landon survived the tragedy, his odds of living a regular life are minimal.

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