A Leap to the Rescue – Dog Saves Woman From Oncoming Bus

You will never believe how this 62-year-old woman survived from being hit by an oncoming bus. Blind and requiring the help of a service dog, Audrey Stone never leaves the house without her golden retriever, Figo.

Audrey and Figo often enjoy taking a nice, long stroll down the streets of Brewster Village, New York, but today’s stroll wasn’t going to end in the usual way. One day, this service dog became more than just a helping hand, he became a savior.

On this morning as Audrey was crossing the street with Figo as her eyes, everything seemed normal. But not even Figo could foresee what was about to happen next.

A mini school bus barreling down the street, there was no time to get 62-year-old Audrey safely across to the other side of the street so what is Figo to do?

This heroic dog leaped in front of the bus, taking the impact full-on in an effort to protect his beloved owner.

Read On o see what happened to Figo and Audrey in the collision and what Figo did after the accident.

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