Watch Adele Shatter Hearts as She Casually Sings ‘To Be Loved’ on Instagram

Adele sang “To Be Loved” while simply lounging in a living room in a video she just published on Instagram. This is the most sorrowful song. 30 ‘The Luminaries,’ her five-star first album, will be released on Friday.

In the video, she’s supported by live piano that’s being performed off-camera; her vocal runs build as she bellows the words, doubling over with intensity at one point. “To be loved and to love to the fullest/Means to lose all the things I can’t live without,” she says in the chorus. “Let it be known, let it be known that I tried/a It’s sacrifice, but I can’t live a lie/Let it be known, let it be known that I tried.”

Check out her amazing vocals on her instagram post she just did below!

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