AI artist under fire for ‘fixing’ Little Mermaid trailer

The internet was outraged after an AI artist edited Disney’s new The Little Mermaid teaser trailer, substituting actress Halle Bailey with a white lady.

The highly anticipated live action picture trailer was debuted last weekend at Disney’s D23 Expo fan gathering and has been welcomed with wonder and enthusiasm for the most part.

Unfortunately, there has also been some harsh criticism leveled at the casting of singer Halle Bailey as Princess Ariel.

The actor has recently spoken about the significance of a black actor taking on the classic role, telling PEOPLE: “The fact that now it’s getting to be played by me, a person who looks like me, woman of colour, I’m just like, wow, I’m so grateful for what it will do for all the other little Black and brown boys and girls who will see themselves in me. Because I know if I had seen myself when I was younger, I think my whole perspective would’ve changed.”

However, despite the fact that the R&B superstar has previously demonstrated that she is more than competent of taking on the coveted part, there has been some ludicrous, and undeniably racist, responses to the casting choice.

Many irate Disney ‘fans’ say that the fictitious mermaid should have been performed by a white actor, because the 1989 animated film (which was modified and Disney-fied from the original, and fundamentally gloomy Hans Christian Anderson story) featured a white Ariel.

One Twitter user employed AI technology to transform Halle Bailey into a white-skinned woman with fire-red hair, much like her former animated Disney counterpart.

From unilad.com:

Promoting the AI artist’s work, another user shared a side-by-side of the original The Little Mermaid trailer with Halle Bailey, and the altered version that “turned the woke actor into a ginger white girl.”

The tweet from a now-suspended Twitter account had read: “Credits to our memer Artificial Intelligence scientist @TenGazillioinIQ.

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