Netflix Just Pulled The Plug On All These Shows (and Shows that were Renewed)

As the entertainment giant continues to grow, it’s obvious that not every new show that it launches will hang around for a long time—even though it has legions of loyal followers. As they say, you can’t satisfy everybody, except when it comes to making new shows and movies at the pace Netflix has been on.

Whether the show actually ran its course or the show wasn’t up to snuff, here’s a rundown of all the original series that Netflix has cancelled in the last year, plus any canceled in 2020 reported by thedelite.com.

thedelite.com included several series that are on the bubble and that we’re waiting for next season details, plus some that have been renewed and are certainly coming back—at least for one more season.

‘The Order’ (Canceled)

There has been a petition started to try and save this show:

‘Away’ (Canceled)

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