Amazing Scenes At Woman’s Funeral – Stray Dogs Appear To Pay Their Respects

The funeral of a woman in Mexico took an unexpected turn.  At the funeral home several stray dogs turned up unexpectedly as if they were wishing to pay their respects.

The woman in question was Margarita Suarez from the city of Meridan in the region of Yucatan who was well known for her love of animals.  She passed away earlier in March after battling illness for some time.

But during her life she had become know for the kindness that she showed to all kinds of animals.  Every morning she would get up and feed the stray dogs and cats that would come to her home.   She had also become know for carrying a bag of food with her so that should could feed any strays she encountered.

Members of Margarita’s family were astonished when the dogs appeared suddenly at the funeral parlour where her body was being kept.   Those working at the funeral home denied any knowledge of the animals and stated that they hadn’t seen them before.

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