Amber Heard accused of PRETENDING to take notes during closing arguments

As the epic judicial fight between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard enters its last stages, eagle-eyed fans are picking up on minute aspects of the case, the court processes, and the conduct of everyone engaged in the trial.

Sleuths couldn’t help but notice that the ‘Aquaman’ actress has been taking copious notes throughout her time in court, which has many wondering what she’s writing.

A viral video now appears to show the embattled actor just appearing to scribble things down while writing “nothing.”

Despite how well reported the proceedings have been, spectators are unaware of certain specifics concerning the ongoing trial.

What Heard has been writing throughout the trial is one of the crucial questions. While cameras have captured a close-up of the actress’s writing, Rolling Stone reports that she has just been taking notes on everything that has happened.

While the contents of Heard’s notes remain a mystery, it’s not uncommon for those involved in a trial to take notes to retain the information being shared, as well as note ideas of one’s own. However, a video that made the rounds of social media on Saturday, May 28, appeared to capture the ‘Never Back Down’ actress pretending to write something in court while the page remained blank. The clip was shared by a Twitter user with the caption, “Amber writing down all the things Johnny did to her. Translation = nothing.”

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