Amber Heard Allegedly Faked Bruises According to PR Team’s Leaked Emails

A purported insider has revealed in a series of leaked emails that Amber Heard “is guilty” (allegedly) and that an entire PR agency has been hired to assist in “discrediting” the judgment against her in the defamation lawsuit and win back favor for Amber.

The team alledgedly revealed that images of her bruises used in a defamation suit to support her accusations of Johnny Depp’s alleged assault were manufactured.

From The leaked emails reported by movieweb.com:

“I owe you an explanation” about “what’s actually happening. The truth is, is that “Amber is guilty. I heard the audios of Amber confessing to assaulting Johnny and of course her bruised photos are fake.”

Furthermore, there apparently was a threatening note wherein someone warned journalist Jessica Kraus against publishing damning articles about Amber.

“You’re in great danger if you release Part 4 of Amber Heard fake s*s party stories. You don’t wanna mess with us. Think of your family Your choice.”

The same source then apologized to Jessica,

“I would like to apologize to you and your family for what I wrote in my previous email that looked like a threatening email to and your family. That was dumb intention. I am not going to engage in this anymore. Here is the deal. In June 2 after the verdict in order to change the narrative Alafair from Shane Comms contacted several Heardstan account in order further step up the effort of making Amber look innocent.”

Read the entire article here: movieweb.com

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