Amber Heard Already Has Two Movies Lined Up After Depp Defamation Loss

Following her loss in a defamation case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard already has two projects in the works.

A jury of seven decided in favor of the Pirates of the Caribbean star on Wednesday (July 1). According to ABC News, he was given $10 million in damages to compensate him for his losses, including lost income.

Ms Heard was also granted $2 million in damages when it was discovered that one of Depp’s attorneys had allegedly defamed her by alleging she’spilled a little wine, roughed up the place, and got their stories straight’ before phoning the cops.

However, this may not be the 36-year-old actress’s only little victory, as she is also due to star in two forthcoming films.

According to Macra, Heard concluded the next film In The Fire, which is set in the 1800s and stars the actor as a North American psychiatrist who travels to a distant plantation to care for a youngster with’special powers.’

The psychiatrist confronts resistance from the small religious village as she seeks to uncover a scientific explanation for why the youngster has ‘abilities.’

Conor Allyn directed the picture, and he co-wrote the screenplay with Pascal Borno and Silvio Muraglia.

There is no news on when the film will be released.

She will also appear in the film Run Away With Me.

The film is about an American in Paris who falls in love with a model, according to IMDb.

They then come across the ‘criminal underworld’ of Europe’s modeling business.

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