Amber Heard Blasts Kate Moss for ‘Coming Out of the Woodwork’ to Testify at Trial

The Depp v Heard trial took an unusual turn earlier this week when Kate Moss joined the stand, putting another another celebrity in the heart of the world’s most-publicized trial in recent memory.

This occurred after Moss was previously cited by name in the trial when Amber Heard claimed to have heard a “rumor” that Johnny Depp had tossed Moss down the stairs.

Heard alleges she saw Depp attempting to harm her sister at the top of a staircase and attacked him in self-defense, especially thinking about the rumor.

This does not appear to be a widely circulated rumor, but in her last evidence as the trial’s final witness, Heard claims it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

She claims to have heard the rumor from several sources, prompting her to believe it, regardless of whether Moss confirms that the incident never occurred.

Watch the heated exchange between Camille and Amber below.

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