American Horror Story Season 10 Adds Macaulay Culkin, Full Cast Revealed

Well..I bet you didn’t see this one coming huh? Lol. Even if you were not a fan of Maculay Culkin, this is definitely some fascinating news.

Macaulay Culkin has certainly had a very interesting career.

Along with the Home Alone series, Culkin also starred in the films My Girl (1991), The Good Son (1993), The Nutcracker (1993), Getting Even with Dad (1994), The Pagemaster (1994) and Richie Rich (1994). He has been nominated for Kids’ Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards and Young Artist Awards.

At the height of his fame, he was regarded as the most successful child actor since Shirley Temple. Culkin ranked at number two on VH1’s list of the “100 Greatest Kid-Stars” and E!’s list of the “50 Greatest Child Stars.

But breaking news: It has been reported that Macaulay Culkin will be appearing in the upcoming season 10 of American Horror story.

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