Katy Perry Falls In LOVE With Trevor Holmes On American

On Monday’s American Idol, a beautiful California construction worker couldn’t believe his luck when he found himself in a “love triangle” with Katy Perry.

Katy’s favorite ‘dreamboat’ from the tryouts was Trevor Holmes, but Trevor’s girlfriend was not happy when the Roar singer called him’so hot.’

‘She was a touch envious,’ Trevor revealed while supporting his girlfriend at Hollywood Week.

‘Well, it’s not your fiancé, so…’ shrugged Katy, 33.

‘Last week I was working construction, like literally digging ditches, and now here I am at Hollywood Week, in a love triangle with Katy Perry,’ beamed Trevor.

Are you in love? You do have a little glow,’ said judge Luke Bryan, as Katy blushed.

The cringeworthy moment was part of a two hour show consisting of half solo performances and half group songs.

First of the night was 16-year-old Kentucky gal Layla Spring with The Cavaliers’ Oh Where Can My Baby Be.

Watch Trevor’s amazing performance below!

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