Aquaman 2 Trends After Petition to Remove Amber Heard Crosses 2 Million Signatures

Aquaman 2 is trending because a petition to remove Amber Heard from the film has received over 2 million signatures. All of this follows the high-profile court case involving the actress and Johnny Depp.

The case has been making headlines for years, but it went into overdrive with this week’s developments. Encouraged by the media attention, a lot of admirers decided to make their presence known by signing the petition.

Measures like these have been around for a long time. Following the release of the first film, there were requests for Heard to be replaced by another actress. However, as time has passed, those voices have simply multiplied.

Unfortunately, for those who are interested, none of this is likely to come to fruition. See what the Internet had to say about it down below.

Not too long ago, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom moved it’s release date from December 16, 2022 to March 17, 2023. Director James Wan sounded grateful for the extra time when he addressed the delay on Instagram. The delay, he argues, freed up a bit more time to “craft this thing right.”

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