WATCH: Are Marvel & DC Getting Ready To Merge?

The great youtube channel Variant Comics did a recent video arund the crazy idea of Marvel comics and DC comics possibly merging. That’s right folks. This is not a BS story.

So just to make sure everyone is caught up on where this is coming from…if you are not aware….

In Dooms Day Clock issue #12 which was one of DCs biggest comic books of last year… they are predicting a cross-over with Marvel…mentioning a future date in which Superman is figting Thor and also implying Hulk would also be involved.

Furhtermore, Donny Cates which is one of the hottest comic writers out there…recently put out a brand new Thor book…Issue #1 and in the 2nd page we see images of Superman in this new Thor #2 comic and in the early pages of that book we see captions saying “a sun god”, “a god of emerald light”, “a god of dark perhaps”, “a god of the ocean” “of speed” “of strength”.

Well, any comicbook person knows that you can easliy apply a sun god to Superman, a god of speed to Flash, a god of emerald light to Green Lantern, a god of dark to Batman, god of the ocean to Aqauman, etc, etc.

So he is directly or indirectly giving vivid imagary to all these Justice League DC characters…in a Marvel comics Thor book.


Read On below to check out the ENTIRE video that Variant Comics did on this super HOT topic. It’s truly fascinating!

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