WATCH: Arizona man points gun at driver in road rage incident caught on camera

An Arizona man claims he was beaten during a road rage incident near Phoenix in which a pistol was brandished at him.

The victim of the road rage incident, Fransisco Garcia, told FOX 10 that it happened at 5 p.m. in Avondale, Arizona.

On May 7, an Arizona man claims he was assaulted during a road rage incident in which the driver of a car waved a pistol at him. (Frankie Garcia)

Garcia stated that a car started drifting into his lane, so he accelerated up and proceeded into the lane where he assumed the suspect in the road rage incident was leaving. Instead, Garcia said that the suspect became agitated and pursued him into the left turn lane. The two men reportedly abandoned their vehicles. Garcia was looking for the suspect’s license plate number. Garcia appeared to be agitated, according to the suspect.

Watch the shocking video below!

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