Avengers Infinity Saga Deleted Scene – Iron Man Becomes Doctor Strange!

The same designer who revealed the art for War Machine’s PTSD moment also posted images on Instagram that show a different version of an epic scene from Avengers: Infinity War. This one is also from early on in the movie, when Iron Man and Spider-Man get on Ebony Maw’s ship to save Doctor Strange. A version of the scene would have had Tony sending his armor to cover Strange’s body while he was being tortured by Maw:

Photo: Emergency Awesome

Emergency Awesome youtube channel did an amazing video breakdown of this deleted scene and how it came about, why it was done, etc.

In my opinion this is the best deleted scene in the entire Avengers Infinity Saga box set. If you are one of the lucky ones to have it, this is a must watch!

Check out the video breakdown below!

If you liked this news on the deleted scene from Avengers Infinity Saga, then check out this other deleted scene from the same Infinity Saga below. This one is about Thor getting the Odin force!

Avengers Infinity Saga Deleted Scene – Thor Gets the Odin Force!

We have some cool news to share. As you may know The Marvel Infinity Saga Collector’s Edition consists of:

A new collector’s edition set that rounds up all 23 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies into one convenient location, and you’ll get some pretty sweet bonuses.

The set comes with an exclusive lithograph and a signed letter by Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige, but it also comes with a host of bonus and deleted scenes and unreleased footage from the past 23 films.

And today we have one of those hot deleted scenes. This one is regarding Thor getting the Odin Force.

Just so everyone is aware…

The Odinforce is a powerful, mystical energy used by the Kings of Asgard, most notably Odin, hence its name.

It is the source of power of the spear Gungnir wielded by the Kings of Asgard, and the Destroyer, and must be periodically replenished by entering the Odinsleep.

Read On below to check out the great video that was done by Emergency Awesome YT channel all about Thor and the Odin Force but also a lot more!

Let us know what you think about this deleted scene. Did you like it? Did you think they should have had it in the movie? Comment your thoughts below!

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