Benedict Cumberbatch Says Doctor Strange Is NOT an Avenger

Doctor Strange, according to Benedict Cumberbatch, is not an Avenger.

Despite the fact that he has assisted Iron Man, Captain America, and others in saving the world on several occasions, the actor does not consider the Marvel character to be a full-fledged member of the team. Why? Because his heroics are more concerned with time and space than with flesh-and-blood – or machine, in Ultron’s case – adversaries.

“People say that you were in the Avengers, but you’re not an Avenger, right? No, I’m not. I’m not at Stark Tower with Nick Fury,” Cumberbatch said during a recent interview with KCRW. “No, he’s sort of outside of that realm, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a character trait. I think that is just a job title.”

Cumberbatch continues:

“He’s there to protect the reality of the Avengers in a different way to what they have been fighting, up until the point that everything collides in the last two Avengers movies.”

“He holds his position as an adult on the periphery of that, but I think only for so long,” the Sherlock star continued. “There’s always a moment where he has to work with people and team up. And you know, we might see that in the next film; you’ll have to wait and see.”

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