Blind Teen With Autism Touches Hearts Of Millions

There are hundreds of thousands of song covers on the internet. Some are superbly and respectfully done, others? Not so much. One teen with autism is recording cover songs that are melting people’s hearts.

Her name is Ashleigh Fagan and she’s from Dublin, Ireland. Ashleigh is 17-years-old and was diagnosed with autism when she was twelve. In addition to autism, she is also partially blind. Her life has been challenging to say the least.

Although Ashleigh is quite shy, this hasn’t stopped her from winning over the hearts of millions on the internet. All because of her beautiful and unique voice.

The teen girl says that singing is one of her favorite things on the planet:

“It makes me feel really happy. It’s really nice as well that my music makes people feel good.”

Ashleigh has numerous videos of herself doing covers of some of music’s most famous songs. There’s no doubt that she does them all justice.

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