Brave Dog Sees Dolphins In The Water – Then Dives In After Them!

Experts always advise people not to dissuade their pet dog’s natural playfulness, or instincts. However, dogs sometimes get a bit too curious and do silly things to satisfy their undying curiosity to know. And that is the case with this dog called Maverick.

He was incredibly baffled by the presence of something in the water so he jumped out of the boat to check it out!

Yep, he jumped out of the moving boat. That’s how curious dogs can be! Before you can stop them from doing something out of the blue – they’re gone!

I’m sure you have your own personal experience with your dog doing something TOTALLY spontaneous and maybe even shocking right?

If this were my dog, I know I would be horrified at first…praying there is not a shark or something in the water! It would really be a helpless felling and one I’m sure the owners of Maverick experienced no doubt.

Read On to see what happens with the dog Maverick when he dives into the water!


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