Brie Larson RESPONDS After Interview Meltdown Goes Viral

Brie Larson has been the target of sexist Marvel fanboys and their twitching Twitter fingers since appearing as the interstellar heroine Captain Marvel in the MCU’s first film with a female protagonist.

Using the standard internet tactic of sexism, that specific group of fans has review-bombed Captain Marvel, gotten angry at her cheeky Instagram postings, and scrutinized her to a degree that reads as unduly involved for those who despise her.

That’s a lot to endure, but honestly, at times it does appear in my personal opinion, that Larson invites some of that negative energy.

From avclub.com:

Speaking with Variety, the Room actor was asked how long she expected to play Captain Marvel.

“I don’t know,” said Larson. “Does anyone want me to do it again?” Shrugging after her answer, the interviewer tells Larson to not “be so modest” before she gives a more serious reply to his question.

“I don’t know. I really don’t have the answer to that,” continued Larson.

For me personally those comments she made to Variety came off as very arrogant and flippant. And I wasn’t the only one that noticed it. The internet went crazy over this.

If you haven’t seen the Variety interview that everyone is talking about. Check it out below.

But now Brie has responded to all the backlash she has received since that interview.

And this is what she posted:

And check out Geeks & Gamers video breakdown of all this below. It is really a great breakdown.

Read the entire article here: www.avclub.com

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