Bruce Lee’s Daughter Has Scathing Rebuttal to Quentin Tarantino’s Recent Comments About Fan Backlash

Quentin Tarantino has been marketing his new Once Upon a Time in Hollywood book, which has reignited an old issue from the film’s first release in 2019. Tarantino was accused of turning Bruce Lee, a renowned martial artist and actor, to a racist caricature. When the film first came out, Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, said Tarantino should shut up or apologize for portraying her father in such a negative light. 

Tarantino was questioned about the criticism during a recent interview with The Joe Rogan Experience, and he said, “I can see why his daughter is upset about it. It’s her mother’s fcking father… Go suck a d*ck, everyone else.” Shannon Lee responded to Tarantino’s recent remarks in a guest piece for The Hollywood Reporter headlined, “Is Quentin Tarantino a fan of Bruce Lee? Or does it just aid in the sale of books?”

See the interview Tarantino did with Joe Rogan below.

This is the commend Bruce Lee’s daughter said about this controversy:

“You can imagine by now that I am used to people only seeing one facet of my father and blowing that up into a caricature. That has been happening since shortly after he passed. But usually, somewhere in that caricature is some sort of nugget of love for the man and his work. Not so with Mr. Tarantino,” Lee writes.

And she went on to say more:

“As you already know, the portrayal of Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Mr. Tarantino, in my opinion, was inaccurate and unnecessary to say the least. (Please let’s not blame actor Mike Moh. He did what he could with what he was given.) And while I am grateful that Mr. Tarantino has so generously acknowledged to Joe Rogan that I may have my feelings about his portrayal of my father, I am also grateful for the opportunity to express this: I’m really f*cking tired of white men in Hollywood trying to tell me who Bruce Lee was.”

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