She Sings ‘I Kissed A Girl’ BETTER Than Katy Perry On American Idol

Caitlin Lucia made a statement as soon as she stepped into the room!

That sentence occurred to be a touch loud. But it drew the attention of judge Katy Perry, so it was worthwhile.

The judges immediately understood that Caitlin’s noises were part of her performance – she had musical instruments attached to her feet and torso!

Caitlin had donned a tambourine on her foot and brought her lovely guitar to help her audition.

Caitlin was thrilled to disclose that Katy Perry is her biggest inspiration when judge Katy Perry asked who her major influences are.

Caitlin’s first musical gig, according to reports, was at Hotel Cafe when she was 18 years old. The exact location Katy used to play when she was younger!

Katy was ecstatic when she heard this and remembered playing at the little L.A. location:

“From 17 to 23, I was performing in the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, just myself and my guitar!”

Caitlin sang a bluesy rendition of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” for her American Idol audition. It sounded nothing like Katy’s version of the song, but it was fantastic!

Katy was all smiles during the audition, and compared to some of the other acts we’ve seen this season, it appeared as though the judges didn’t want the singing to finish.

Katy had one thing to say to Caitlin when she was finished:

“Well, generally I tell a competitor who is singing my song to sing it as well as or better than me, and,” she said, turning to Luke Bryan, who was interrupting her, “and I believe she sang it better!”

Caitlin believed she was going to be eaten alive for performing the pop star’s song the way Katy began her remark.

While the judges praised her performance, they also believed Caitlin has more range than she demonstrated at her audition.

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