#Cancel Gal Gadot Trends As The Internet Tries To Cancel The Wonder Woman Star

Gal Gadot is trending on Twitter as the internet turns against her in response to the rising Israel-Palestine crisis.

Gadot, who is Israeli, sent a statement on social media about the catastrophe developing in her own country and Gaza. The actress began by claiming that the disagreement “breaks her heart” and that it is “a vicious cycle that has been going on for far too long.” She goes on to say that “Israel deserves to be a free and safe nation,” and that “our neighbors deserve the same.” Gadot then expresses her desire for “the unimaginable hostility to cease.”

See the messages she posted below:

Though the actress’ response talks of peace and of calling for an end to the war, Gadot’s message has caused widespread backlash, as people believe her wording implicitly supports Israel’s actions against Palestine and denies the country’s culpability. This criticism has also led to Gadot’s past history in the military coming back into the conversation. In case you’re not aware, the actress served two years in the Israel Defense Forces.

Her critics are certainly not holding back on Twitter

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