Captain America’s Chris Evans Explains Why Falcon Inherited the Shield

An amazing moment occurred in Avengers: Endgame when  Captain America handed the baton (or shield) to Sam Wilson (Falcon) who is somewhat older and has taken it to the next generation. 

Sam will inherit the Captain America suit of armor when the series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” comes out in a few weeks.

Chris Evans who has been Captain America for so many years, breaks down why it was Sam (Anthony Mackie) who would take the mantle of the iconic shield.

Speaking with Variety, Evans explained that it comes down to how Sam has stepped up, noting that the character’s “role within the Marvel universe has answered the call to action time and again.”

“He’s proven his courage, loyalty, and reliability over multiple films,” Evans explained. “Sam has given so much, and he’s also lost a lot too. He believes in something bigger than himself, and that type of humanity is necessary to carry the shield.”

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