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The passing of Patrick Swayze back in 2009 broke the hearts of people all across the world. His performances in movies like ‘Ghost’ and ‘Roadhouse’ are some of his greatest. But it’s his performance in ‘Dirty Dancing’ that really caught the attention of all of his future fans.

After the movie premiered, it was obvious that Patrick Swayze wasn’t just an incredible actor — his dancing skills were phenomenal. This was something that many people didn’t know about him at the time.

Swayze was actually the son of a choreographer and was classically trained in ballet while he was in high school. It’s no wonder he performed all the routines so flawlessly in that famous and well-known film.

However, it was 21 long years ago that Swayze performed an incredible dance routine on a television show that absolutely took everyone’s breath away. And now? The video of that performance is going viral.

Since Swayze has passed, the video of this breathtaking performance has been viewed over 24 million times. When you watch it — you’ll know why people are completely blown away. It’s enough to move you to tears.

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We have another incredible America’s Got Talent performance that had even Simon Cowell grinning ear to ear. This time? It’s a 12-year-old girl, her act is going to make Simon blush in the most hilarious way.

Darci Lynne is one of the most talented young ladies we’ve come across in our search for best performances. She’s from Oklahoma City and was about to win over the hearts of everyone in the entire crowd.

She’s a ventriloquist and at 12-years-old? She’s really good at it, and not just for a young girl either! Darci Lynne is actually one of the best ventriloquists we’ve ever seen. We’re a talent website, so we’ve seen a lot!

We’ve shown you a previous video of Darci Lynne, but we think you’ll like this one even more. She’s gotten so much better since you last saw her. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Simon get a little pink in the cheeks?

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Maddy Dellaca is an adorable two-year-old from Iowa who absolutely adores her dad and loves watching him sing. The toddler always watches her dad intently when he sings and plays music, she’s clearly taking mental notes.

Chelsea, Maddy’s mom, recently overheard her precious daughter singing in the next room and grabbed a camera to film it. The sweet toddler was singing the Star Spangled Banner into a fake microphone for an imaginary crowd.

Since Chelsea uploaded the video, it’s quickly gone viral. The internet is absolutely obsessed with the singing toddler. It’s been viewed over 250,000 times since it’s been uploaded.

Maddy holds her toy microphone tightly as she sweetly sings our country’s anthem. Well, at least tries to anyway. Ever since she heard her dad practice singing this song, she’s tried her best to mimic him.

Apparently, the toddler sings this patriotic song quite often. Sometimes, she even asks her brother to join her. Our favorite part though — is the fact that she can’t quite sing the words correctly. She’s only 2-years-old after all.

Maddy will start and stop, make up her own words, get adorably side-tracked, but it’s the best thing you’ll ever watch. We promise.

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We love showing off our favorite performances from “America’s Got Talent” — people are constantly surprising us with the level of skill that they possess. And these two kids you’re about to see? They’re some of the best.

The two kids we’re talking about are named Artyon and Paige — they are both dancers. When they took the stage at America’s Got Talent, they announced to the judges that they would be performing a routine to the popular song ‘Footloose.’

The performance starts and Paige begins dancing on the judges’ table while Artyon is sliding on the floor with backup dancers in tow. He hops up without effort, and the performance gets better from there.

Artyon even jumps up and lands in the splits, something no one expected from the 10-year-old boy. As they continue to dance together, it’s obvious that these two kids have chemistry. They are performing flawlessly.

Then comes the well-known part of the song where he shouts “got to cut loose!” they are performing their routine flawlessly. Even Simon is starting nod and bounce his head with a smile while watching these two.

Read On to watch their adorable and awesome performance!

These Trick Shots Will Have You In Total Disbelief

Talent comes in all forms. Whether you’re a singer, a dancer, or someone who is really good at trick shots — it’s always amazing to watch people perform a skill that they’ve mastered. This guy is no exception.

The man is super amazing at making trick shots. What’s a trick shot you might ask? Well, it’s sinking a ball or object into a hoop or “goal” from an awkward or tricky angle, and usually, the person making the trick shot isn’t even looking at where they’re throwing.

It takes some serious skill and practice. Whoever this guy is, he must have practiced for an incredibly long time because he absolutely kills it. The most incredible part? He doesn’t even look like he’s trying!

He holds the camera right in front of his face, tosses his “ball” (which is usually whatever object he can get his hands on) over his shoulder, and boom! He nails it! Every. Single. Time. I know it doesn’t sound like much right now, but when you watch some of these throws? Your jaw is going to drop.

They aren’t just any trick shots. He’s tossing a toothbrush into the holder, a hot dog into a bun, a dish into the dishwasher. It’s incredible!

It’s seriously something that you have to see to believe. There’s one thing that we can promise for sure — it’s absolutely amazing. Trick shot after trick shot, it’s no problem for this guy and we’re in disbelief.

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Irish step dancing is a traditional form of dancing that is passed on from generation to generation. Many Irish dancers often start learning the fast-footed moves at a very young age — like this 3-year-old, for example.

The adorable little girl’s performance was put up on YouTube and has since garnered over 845,000 views — and growing! She was performing her Irish dance moves at a dance and art festival called Feiseanna, or feis, for short.

It’s this little girl’s first feis and she walks on stage donning the very important traditional Irish costume. Costumes are a big part of the performance and as a 3-year-old, she is, of course, absolutely adorable.

The precious toddler walked on stage with her costume, complete with a cute headdress; but, she seemed a bit nervous and shy to have so many people staring at her at once. An adult needed to walk out with her and give her a little talk to boost her spirits.

When she starts dancing, though? Everyone is completely blown away. They would have never expected such a flawless performance from someone so small and only a few years of age. She won everyone over.

Her little feet were moving fast and she was kicking them around the dance floor. Everyone watching her has a huge smile on their face. And you definitely will too.

Her kicks are high and her precious little toes are pointing — the 3-year-old dancer isn’t missing a beat and we couldn’t love it more. It’s clear that the internet was too because it is viewed more and more by the minute.

Even parents were commenting on YouTube about how impressed they were by her coordination.

“She is so cute,” a commenter said. I’m used to seeing little girls in their ballet recitals. My girls started ballet and tap at 2 years and 3 years. Their recitals had little girls standing and looking around because they forgot their dance.”

Watch and SHARE this precious performance and tell us what you thought in the comments below!

Way to go little one, we can’t wait to see your future performances.

Source: YouTube

Music is one of the cornerstones of life. It’s a universal language that transcends language and culture. Music helps people get through tough times, and it’s also used to celebrate the best times.

The musicians that create and compose this meaningful medium deserve so much more credit and respect than they receive. It takes a certain person, with their own unique talents and visions to create incredible songs.

Time and passion go into creating beautiful music. But what if you challenged yourself to write an original song, every single day, for 120 days? Could you do it? A guitar player named Samuel Orson decided to at least try.

Orson is from Seattle, Washington and has been in love with the acoustic guitar for as long as he remembers. He’s also been playing for years in his unique style — finger tapping. He’s become fairly well-known for his skills.

To challenge himself, he decided to set a goal — write one original finger-tapping song every day for 4 months straight. He was excited to create this musical challenge in order to keep his creative juices flowing.

Continue to the next page to see some of these incredible songs. We can’t believe all of this was flowing from his mind every day!

A video was captured of a toddler dancing that is making the internet fall in love. There have been countless videos of little kids doing adorable, and sometimes impressive dances performances — but this? Beyond adorable!

A father and his young toddler daughter named Georgina were walking the streets of Galway City in Ireland. The old brick streets and stone buildings are something out of a storybook. To add to the ambiance — there’s a dancer dancing in the street.

The father decides to break out his phone to start filming the street performer dance and Irish jig and to also film his little daughter’s reaction to the entertainment. Little did he know that the video was going to go viral.

The adorable toddler named Georgina was about to become internet famous, and she can’t even speak in full sentences yet! Her eyes become locked on the talented dancing street performer, and Georgina can’t help but bust out a move or two herself!

The tap-dancing toddler begins performing her own dance, right next to the street artist — what happens next is too cute for words. It’s no wonder people all over the world are swooning over her!

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When it comes to a show like the “Got Talent” series, it really doesn’t get crazier than that. People from all over the world come to showcase their unique talents in hopes of fame. One teen auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and knocked the judges socks off.

His skill isn’t singing, dancing, or even magic — he was going to perform a comedy routine. But not just any comedy routine — he was going to do impressions. Really, really great impressions.

The teen’s name is Craig Ball — he’s extremely silly and goofy but he’s also extremely talented, as you’ll see in the video on the next page. His impressions and impersonations are absolutely spot-on.

As soon as Craig starts performing his routine, the judges have immediately fallen in love. How could they not? The goofy teen was nailing these impersonations flawlessly! But not only that? He’s doing it in such a creative way!

Impersonating everyone from Miss Piggy and Christopher Walken to Peter Griffin and Scooby Doo — Craig can impersonate each character to a T. All while singing to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball!

He has the judges, and the entire audience, in stitches the entire time.

Continue to the next page to watch Craig’s super spot-on comedy performance. Keep an eye out for this kid!

A makeup artist named Marjana Kika is making people do a double-take when she uploaded her recent video. She’s an incredible artist whose specialty is creating insane-looking pieces of art on her own body.

Marjana is from Serbia and she’s blowing people’s minds all over the world. She has had multiple video uploads of her creating works of art that are hard to comprehend. Her 3D masterpieces are incredible.

Marjana sets up a camera with an all black backdrop and she begins to paint her body. Watching her effortlessly use the makeup brush to paint perfect strokes is absolutely mesmerizing.

At first, it’s difficult to tell what Marjana is drawing on her upper chest. It appears to be a collar of some sort. Her intense focus is palpable through the screen as she concentrates on perfecting her piece.

As she continues to gracefully paint, the picture is starting to slowly come together. She’s turning her neck and chest into a clothes hanger. It’s impossible not to keep staring as she continues to work.

The incredible video is on the next page, and trust me, you’re going to want to see this with your own eyes.

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